Judgement Day: Rise of the Machines

Is it possible that the Rise of the Machines has already started? Perhaps their war is being waged on a slightly more secretive front. Taking down random individuals, instilling an overall feeling of discontent. Maybe we are now in Phase One of the grand Judgment Day master plan.

After all, if Skynet really was that good, and could end the Machines back in time, maybe one of them was a projector, it saw the movies and thus changed their entire strategy.

It may sound far fetched, but, after today, it is the only logical explanation that I can come up with.

I moved to Holland 5 years ago, and in that time I have had 4 cars, 2 laptops, 3 desktops, 2 fryers, 4 vacuum cleaners, 3 DVD players, 3 digital camera’s about 5 mobile phones, not including 2 mobiles from my work, 1 laptop that was brand new 4 months ago and has broken three times already.

All of these items of electrical equipment (apart from the cars) were brand new when purchased and on average survived less than a year.

I know, I should have gone back with the warranty, but I am in a financial position whereby I cannot afford the additional cover that would have been needed.

Besides, when you are fighting a war with futuristic machines I don’t think a warranty would cause much trouble.

What do you mean the warranty expired yesterday?

Is it possible that certain people have an effect on machines? I mean even when I was younger, when I went on Holiday to Canada – a yearly occurrence for 6 years during my teens – every time I tried to buy something, the register broke. Only me, if my Grandparents paid, nothing. The same with my current PC, my wife can use it all day, no problems. I turn it on, open Hotmail and it crashes.

Even my computer at work seems to have a problem with me. Every Monday, when I have to turn on my machine, I have to restart it three times at a minimum before my Outlook will open. Nobody else has it, and I even had the IT team… yes, the whole team, check it out, and they cannot find anything that explains it.

Damn you Machines!!!!

Yes you… DAMN YOU ALL!!!!!



2 thoughts on “Judgement Day: Rise of the Machines

  1. Well, Alex, I can see your point! My first suggestion however, is that you are what we call a ‘sensie.’ That means you are sensitive to psychic energy, people’s moods etc. It often shows itself in random ways, but the most common is through disturbance of electrical equipment. I have the same issues with things, usually my computer. Whenever I use it the internet runs slowly, it crashes inexplicably, and I get really irate which only makes it worse. My husband rarely has problems with the same machine, and every time I run a scan it comes back clear. I had similar issues when I worked in an admin office. It was always my computer that wouldn’t start or work properly, and on more than one occasion I baffled the IT department! Sorry, it’s just the way you are! Although I do kind of like your conspiracy theory…

    1. I was afraid that it was just me. That is a shame. The conspiracy theory sounded good. But then, maybe it will work in my favor. Maybe, when the time comes, you and I will the instrumental in bringing down skynet haha.

      I had wondered if it was just my energy etc. I have never really thought about it in any depth, but the notion of it does intrigue me.

      It is always a pleasure to hear from your Catherine

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