The (Cat’s) Eyes Have It

Today I noticed a funny thing. While I am not the best blogger around, I like to think that I put together well-rounded posts. Sometimes I sit on the fence of things, or rather, I present both sides of an argument without actually making a specific decision myself, but often I will speak my mind and give my thoughts on issues. I am happy with how things are going, and love writing each and every post.

Yet, this morning, after a very short night of sleep, I randomly threw 4 cat pictures together and made a Monday joke, and my blog has seen the second busiest day in its history and the busiest day in months.

I am not sure if this is a comment on my incredible sense of humor, or rather a kick in the teeth (and various other body parts) with regards my more serious posts.

I mean sure, I have my ‘regulars’ but is my blog destined to be the online Cheers bar? I sure hope not. I have plans… big plans….um… I mean.

What are you trying to say?
I want to take over the World… I mean, I want to build a popular blog.

I am not afraid of hard work, and I am more than happy to log countless hours of blogs, and write as many posts as is necessary to produce just one publishable piece. I just need to find the key, the secret that means I can rely on my own words and not have to post cutesy pictures of cats and kittens.


It just doesn’t really fit with my genre of choice… unless…

What, you don’t think I’m cute?





6 thoughts on “The (Cat’s) Eyes Have It

  1. I’d offer some advice but considering I like the pic with the hockey mask and Freddy glove, I may not be the best source. On the flip side, I’m round, smart, and tell good jokes so… I guess I’m the new Norm? lol

    1. I thought Freddy Kat was awesome haha. Found it by accident and just had to get it in somewhere. I am too rather rotund and like to think of myself as smart. As far as jokes, I’m English so I have a repertoire of Irish and German jokes that never ends. Again, I like to think I can tell a joke or two 🙂

  2. Hey Alex. You know the old saying – a picture is worth a thousand words. Throw in humour and it’s a winning match. Last week I posted photos of my garden and the hits increased a lot. However, as another writer I think the writing also counts. Loved the cats – one even resembled my neighbour’s cat – if Marmalade (that’s the cat, not the neighbour) only hammed it up a bit instead of being so serious.

    Only Child Writes

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