Is Inspiration A Gift of a Curse

This is something that has been bouncing through my mind for a while now. As writers, we see inspiration all around us. Very rarely does it fail us.

I like to keep a stock pile of draft posts for my blog so that I can pick one and off I go. There are times when I get down to the last couple of saved post prompts, and think… blimey, I have no idea what I am going to write about. Then, sure enough by the end of the day, I have been hit by the inspirational stick and find myself with a healthy list of topics to discuss.

However, have you ever taken the time to think about inspiration. Not just what it is, but where it comes from. What is it inside us that sees it. Also, is this ability a gift, or a curse.

We have all been there, sitting down with family and friends, then suddenly, someone says something, or something happens around and BAM!!

Inspiration strikes. More often than not, unless you happen to be surrounded by similarly minded people, you will be the only one hit with this sudden burst of creative genius. Is this something we are born with, or rather something that we learn and develop over time.

Sure, the ability to conjure up stories and find inspiration in the natural flow of life around you is great, but there are times when it leaves me wonder if it is more of an affliction.

The case in point was a new article I was reading online. It was a horrible article about a mother that had killed her own children and left them in suitcases in the attic of her parents home. There were several bodies, killed over a period of time… they were babies.

While this appalled me beyond belief, at the same time, that pesky light-bulb went off in my head and I came away from the computer with a rock solid idea for a short story that I plan on writing.

Tell me, is it just me that seems to find inspiration from such tragic tales, or is it merely a macabre side effect of being a writer, and therefore beyond my control?

The writer stood on the burning deck
Whence all but he had fled;
The flame that lit the battle’s wreck

Put far too many story ideas inside his head.


4 thoughts on “Is Inspiration A Gift of a Curse

  1. I’ve starting doing draft blogs too Alex although I still usually find that it’s something else entirely that triggers most of my posts. Like you said, little things, often very ordinary things but they boot your brain along a new direction or maybe just cause you to think about an old question in a new way.

    The very first bit of fiction I ever wrote was inspired by taxation! I have a theory though that once you start writing something in your brain just pays more attention to the things going on around you. Maybe the same things everyone can see but the difference is that they think about it and then forget it. We think about it and start a journey.

    1. I think you are right there Andrea. Creative types are more open and alert to what goes on around them, and out minds more attuned to seeing not just what is there in front of us, but what else could be there if certain circumstances were different.

  2. I agree. I see everything in terms of a potential story or blog post. I even write it down in my notebook or diary, or on a scrap of paper. Then I never get round to writing it up, but it’s there, waiting… And I look at most situations from the perspective of vampires and werewolves. Is that disturbing?

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