Dr. Horrible Made My Day

It is always a pleasure to wake up in the morning and read some good news. Imagine how great my day started when I saw that my good friend Andrea Flory had nominated me for the Dr.Horrible Award.

As is the rule with blogging awards, accepting is not merely a matter of having a gracious thank you speech written up. There are rules that must be followed. In this instance, there are three specific questions that must be answered, and three nominations that must be given.

Dr. Horrible’s inquisitive mind wants to know…

a) If you ran the world, what would you outlaw immediately?
b) Boxers or briefs?
c)If you made a Nobel speech, who would you thank?

I’m not really sure what goes on in the good Doctors mind, but there is something about these questions that makes me believe he is a little bit deranged. Maybe that is why I like him already and think this award is one of the coolest around. (See, it’s not just for menacing graphic.)

a) If you ran the world, what would you outlaw immediately?

This is a tough one. Mainly because I don’t know whether to go seriously, or with the comic option. I mean if I went with the comic option there is a much wider scope, but being British it means a lot of people may not get it, or it will be a German joke and then I run the risk of offending people.

I guess I had better go with a serious answer… no, apparently I really cannot be serious for that long.

I am going to cheat a little bit and rather than outlaw a particular action, I’m going to outlaw not doing something. I would make not performing this particular something punishable but a lengthy prison sentence.  If I ruled the world, people who didn’t use their indicators (turn signals) would be locked up!!

They are on the corners of the car for a reason!!

Ok, I’m calm… really.

b) Boxers or Briefs

As the obvious jokes have been made between Pugilists and legal paperwork, I will stick to the sensible answer here (and try to repair my damaged reputation following my indicator comment above)

Boxers all the way. You need to keep it cool. It’s that or install some air conditioning down there, and that’s just an expense I don’t need. 🙂

c)If you made a Nobel speech, who would you thank?

This was the toughest question of them all. I mean, it sounds like a big award, but does anybody ever watch the ceremony? It’s not like the Oscars when you know your friends, colleagues and well pretty much everybody you have ever met will be watching and expecting to hear their name. I guess I would thank my Wife and my children, and of course the Novel Commission for their fabulous mistake that allowed me to take home the prize.

Thank you London

With regards my nominations for this (soon to be) prestigious award, I will cast my vote towards the follow people:

1) Catherine Green

2) Armand Rosamilia

3) Monique Snyman 

With that I will end this blog and hand the ball over to my three esteemed writing colleagues.

Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Dr. Horrible Made My Day

    1. Thanks Andrea, it is the one thing that really makes my blood boil. Then you honk at them and they either don’t even notice or look at you with absolutely no idea that they did anything wrong.

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