This is my Confession

I think I have mentioned this before, but it could have been a draft post that I made but never posted.

In any case, this is me, Alex Laybourne, and this is my confession.

Just this morning, I was posting about an award nomination I got, and as part of it, I had to nominate three other blogs to receive the award. I was staggered when I ran into such difficulty in naming three blogs.

I had never thought about it before, but most of my interaction and friendships with other writers is built around Facebook and Twitter conversations.

Similarly, I nominated three friends for an award just last month and didn’t want to nominate the same three people again. Not that they didn’t deserve it, but I like to share my appreciation with others too.

They say to be a writer, you need to be a reader. I couldn’t agree more with this statement. I don’t think it is possible to be one without the other. I write a lot, and read a lot. They go hand in hand and compliment each other perfectly.

When it comes to blogging however, while I feel the same theory should be used, I fail miserably.

I start out with the very best of intentions, I follow a great many blogs all of which I really want to read… most of them at least, and I flag all of the posts as they come in. I just fail to sit down and read them. Why? I don’t know. That is the problem. I really don’t know. It is just some sort of mental block I have.

There are a couple of blogs that I read every post of, but that is not enough. It is like only reading books by one author, it does help you, but after a while you hit the limit of your potential, unless you broaden your horizons.

I have tried setting aside time in the day to read blogs, but then I often find myself either forgetting or having to sacrifice something to accommodate the rest of my rather hectic daily schedule.

I do think that the first step I need to take is to unfollow a few blogs. Not because the content is bad, or because I don’t like them, but rather because, I don’t have time to read them all, and seeing the list growing longer and longer in my email folder seems to make it all the more daunting. Also, I feel sorry for the bloggers themselves. I have marked myself down as a follower yet actually do little more than accumulate emails from them. I would hardly call it a follower. Perhaps I should just need a much better system.

I understand that to develop my own blog, I need to read blogs, to comment on blogs, but really, I want to read more blogs simply because I am eager to learn. To improve myself. I promise to you all, that from today, I will make a much better effort to read more blog posts, not just from you, my friends, but on a much broader spectrum.

Until now, I have had no strategy in my blog reading. I am not good with Google. I can use it of course, but only on basic levels. For finding things like blogs, and interesting hangouts, I suck… big time.

No matter what way I look at it, what excuses I try to use to cover up my failings, the long and the short of it is, I do not do enough work when it comes to reading blogs, and I should do.

I will do.

I promise

9 thoughts on “This is my Confession

  1. My goal is to follow more blogs that have content that is applicable to my life. The ones that I follow are interesting and thought-provoking; I just need a lot more of them. As you mentioned, the more we interact with, the more potential followers we ourselves have.
    I do not comment on every post that is put up by the blogs I follow, just the ones that touch something in my heart or mind. I want what I say on someone’s blog post to have meaning and to touch their heart and mind as much as they have touched mine.

    1. That is true, and maybe there is something about the blogs I follow and the posts for many of them not necessarily sticking with me. I often read the opening paragraph in my email before I click to open the post itself.

  2. I know that feeling Alex – you check your mail and the list of new posts and comments seems never ending. I used to feel totally overwhelmed. Nowadays I’ve learned to skim. When I find a conversation that interests me I stop, say hello, add my 2 cents worth and move on. The joy is in finding someone who’s having a meaty discussion about something. Blog central for me is Indies Unlimited. Post by writers, for writers and about writers. Just remember – it has to be fun!

  3. Don’t beat yourself up about it, Alex. I have been subscribing to blog posts so they land in my e-mail. It sounds like you do this, too. Then I delete everything that doesn’t immediately grab my attention or it is someone that I haven’t visited in a while. No one can visit 30 blogs a day! If it gets close to the weekend, then I save a few more from deletion and visit then. I’m hoping by doing this, as well as by touching base periodically across the other social sites, that I will stay in the consciousness of all of my pals.
    Good luck. I probably visit you 4-6 times per month. We do the best we can.
    Have a great weekend.


    1. Thanks Jimmy. I agree with you, you don’t need to visit a blog every day . I would be happy with a rotation system. One week I check these few blogs, the next week I’ll check some others etc. That would be ideal.

  4. Hi Alex, it’s a tough one, no need to beat yourself up! I find email following a bit of a pain for the same reasons as everyone else here, it just clogs up the system and makes you less likely to read any of them as the choice is overwhelming. I much prefer to follow via google and other links. The fifteen most recently posted blogs of those I follow in this way are listed on my site so I tend to look at these when they come up, rather than check email. Yes, I feel so guilty about the whole helping fellow bloggers thing but console myself that I already spend too long reading other people’s so I really can’t devote any more time. On that note, off to do some writing! Nice post.

    1. I feel the same way Jackie, I often find myself marking blogs, to read them in my free time that evening of what have you, but by that time I sit down and end up either posting something myself or working on my novel.

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