A New Hobby?

Over the last few months, I have found myself thinking more and more about photography. It is not something that has ever really interested me before. Beyond taking snapshots of my kids and family gatherings etc.

Yet, it seems to be invading my subconscious more and more. Not in the case of, damn I wish I had my camera with me. That would be too easy. For me, it is a much more subtle process.  I see something and just find myself thinking about that image constantly. Imagining how it would make a great photo. Not necessarily one I would take, but more in the general scheme of things.

One specific example is on my drive into work every morning, I drive along a particular stretch of road, less than a kilometer from my house. It is an expanse of open fields, and in the background a small wooded area. The sun rises above this point, normally at the time I am driving in – depending on the time of year of course – there is also often a bit a mist hugging the grass and the rising light kind of gets watered down a bit. Every time I see it, I promise myself that one day I will stop and take a picture of it. Only, that day never comes. Not it is too late, until the seasons change my commute will be deprived of this image.

I now find myself thinking more and more about how cool it would be to take more photos.  There is so much going on around us to see and to experience, that we often miss it.

Maybe it is just me… I don’t know, changing in some way, but I find myself inexplicably drawn towards this new art form.It is hard to explain. This sudden urge. It is almost like a craving, an itch that I just cannot scratch. I need to get outside and start taking pictures. A tree bending in the wind, the rooftops of the neighboring houses as seen from my bedroom window, the early morning mist in the cemetery alongside which I park my car. I am suddenly seeing these things in a new light.

I find it exciting, as if some new layer has been revealed to me, that I am seeing these things for the first time.

I don’t really have time for another hobby, but sometimes things come along in our life that cannot be ignored. Will not be ignored. This flame has been lit and has been slowly tempering away in my mind for some time. Maybe now is the moment to release it. Maybe it will fizzle and die, but maybe it will grow into something else.

The below photos are all pictures that have been taken in the town where I live. Maybe the question I should be asking myself is why has it taken me this long to see the beauty that surrounds us?


4 thoughts on “A New Hobby?

  1. Lovely! Stick at it. Particularly love the silhouetted couple and the dog in the sunset. My husband and both children are all massively into photography, walks take a while, as you can imagine!

    1. I can imagine. I should probably be clarify that I didn’t take these pictures, but they are around me all the time. I can’t wait to start snapping some and see what I come up with.

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