The Horror, Oh The Horror!!!

Last night, just as sleep was about to take me into its gentle embrace, a thought struck me, scared away the Sandman and left me staring at the ceiling in a sort of stupefied amazement.

I am a writer, that much is rather easily apparent, and I don’t just mean my often messy appearance, disinterest in the people around me and a face in desperate need of a shave. Anybody who has read through this blog will understand what I am fairly early on. Yet, I am not just a writer. I am a horror writer. Yet, looking back through my posts, besides the odd piece of artwork stolen from Google, or a short story, there is very little Horror related happenings on my blog.

It goes without saying that it is time for this to change. However…

Now that I sit down to think about it, there is very little horror in my life at this point in time.

I used to watch a lot of Horror movies, but over the last year or so, my movie watching has become all but extinct. That is apart from  a mild (read heavy) addiction to Criminal Minds.

The same goes for my reading. I know that they say you need to read a lot in your genre in order to develop as a writer, and for a long time I read a lot of horror, however, in the last 12-18 months, since I have started making so many new friends and hanging around the whole writing scene, I have found myself reading a much more eclectic body of work.

Not that this matters, in fact, I enjoy reading other genres, because I feel it helps me develop even more, because I can see how other  writers work, how other genres are written in different ways and tones, thus allowing myself to develop even further.

The problem, which I am not only just coming across, and rather ashamedly should have seen coming is that I have almost forgotten horror. Not in my writing, but in my life, in my blogging.

I think it is time that I take a step back from the rest and re-immerse myself in the art I love. I feel a bit of a revamp to the website, and at least one purely horror themed post a week. There is more to horror than just blood and guts falling out all over the place, and I want to soak it all up, I want to read it all, breathe it all and just generally get back in touch with my favorite genre.

OK, that’s a little too extreme even for me.

4 thoughts on “The Horror, Oh The Horror!!!

  1. I’ve been reading outside my genre quite a bit as well and I realised that there is a lot of overlap. Maybe the e-revolution is allowing us all to break free of the rules and just write whatever we like however we like it 😀

    1. I do think you are on to something there Andrea, but I just got to thinking that I seem to have abandoned my genre in all areas other than my writing. Certainly on the blog. I mean as a horror writer, I should have at least one page dedicated to it. 🙂 Always a pleasure to hear from you.

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