Short Story Submissions

When I first started writing, I mean as an adult, with a view towards being published, I would send out my short stories to magazines and other publications. I had a few published, and all went well. Until, one day, I just… stopped.

Sitting here, I can’t remember why I stopped. I mean sure, novels came along and took up most of my time, but I still wrote short stories, but rather than submit them, I posted them on my blog, and / or Wattpad etc.

Somewhere on my journey from there to here, I forgot all about magazines and never once considered sending something anywhere.

It was only earlier this week, when I was browsing through the posts of fellow horror writer Armand Rosamilia, and saw him talking about how often he submits to paying markets etc, that I remembered that whole avenue of writing.

I look at my Facebook and Twitter accounts, and most of my friends on there are other writers, and or small press publishers. I can see where I went wrong, I became so focused on writing novels, and anthologies for publication, I simply developed tunnel vision with regards what it meant to be a writer.

Paying dues is all part of the process, writers should earn their success and not have it handed to them. This is why I hate shows like X-Factor all that other crap. People need to slog away, sing in crappy night clubs and bars, they should face rejection and heartbreak. It’s what helps us develop not just within our craft, but in life. The ‘Me-Me-Me, Now-Now-Now’ attitude that seems to be spreading through all walks of life needs to change. However, I digress slightly. Let me put my soapbox away and get back on track.

Submitting to magazines and other such publications is a natural part of writing, and something that I feel bad about overlooking. If I want to become a member of the Horror Writers Association, then I need to have some stories published here and there. Plus, it is an excellent way to advertise yourself and the books that will eventually follow.

With all that said and done, I wrote a short story this week, something I haven’t done in a while. It was only 2100 words, a big change as most of my work comes in at around 10k, and then sizes itself out of many paying markets.

The story is being read by a few friends of mine; the wonderful Ranee Dillon, and the very talented Matthew Munson

After that, I plan to send it off into the big wide world in search of a home. Not on my blog, not on any social network account I may own. This bad boy is flying the next and going solo.

I would like to try to write one story a month of that length and send them out in search of glory.

The question now is, where do I send it to… hmmm

 Do you submit your work to magazines, or are you like Me (how I was at least) and focused on only one goal.


15 thoughts on “Short Story Submissions

  1. What a great question…. I actually write quite a bit of flash fiction (publish it on my blog each Friday) and although I have a big “Writer’s Market” book, have never contemplated sending out any of it anywhere. Thank you so much for writing this blog post, Alex. Nothing will change for me if I do not change things. Have an amazing day.

    1. Thanks Darlene. I had a Writer’s and Artists handbook, (from 2007 I think it was) and used to use it, but over the last 18 months I have done nothing along that line. I think it is about time you and I took these publications but storm.

  2. I’ve recently had my eye on submitting more stories to magazines again now that I’ve published my anthology. The main problem I’m encountering is that I need more new material, as I used up my trove of stuff I used to send out for the anthology. So I’m suffering from a little bit of a lack of material right now, but I’m excited to return to the opportunities offered by this venue, too, while I work a little bit on some novels.

    I tend to refer a lot to this list from New Pages: Right now, I’m realizing that a lot of them are college-based magazines, and their reading period doesn’t start until the end of summer, but that gives me some time to get some material finished!

    Good luck with anything you start sending out!

    1. Thanks, I am the same, I have written a load of flash fiction pieces, but published them on my blog. Not really sure if I can then submit them anywhere still. I am going to aim for one a month, only short things. I’ll treat it as a chance to expand my range. I want to write short pieces outside of my comfort zone with a view to maybe broaching some novels in that area one day.

      I will have to check out New Pages, thanks for the tip. 🙂

  3. >People need to slog away, sing in crappy night clubs and bars, they should face rejection and heartbreak.

    I can’t say loudly enough how strongly I agree with this (especially as somebody who’s done his fair share of slogging away in crappy bars! 🙂 ).

    1. I’m glad you appreciate the comment. The idea of paying ones dues and slogging away to earn success is becoming a lost concept. More so in other areas than writing, but the whole Indie explosion, which I am proud to be part of is kind of a similar situation. I sent out feelers, I got rejections by the truck load, but others expect fame and fortune to come to them the moment the click publish.

  4. Ho there!

    I am in the process of trying to accumulate some professional credits to join the Horror Writers Association as well. Just started blogging about my journey from lowly writer to mighty author. If you’re ever in the mood to share something super short, stop on by. I am looking for guest authors to post on my Flash Fiction Friday page.

    If you’re looking for good places to submit horror stories, I have found some good stuff through, and of course the old standby, Anyone else have good places to look?

    Happy hunting!

    1. Thanks for the follow, and for taking time to comment. I appreciate it.
      I have not used darkmarkets before, I will have to give them a look. As you said, Dutrope is a steadfast. One ezine that I was published in, and one I really like is SNM Magazine. They offer a different theme each month and pick 6 stories. The best of those gets a prize and entered into the anthology they compile and release each year.

  5. I am just at the same point. I have been posting flash horror on my blog for some time now but really as an exercise in just getting some writing out there. However, I am completely with you that we need to also be submitting material for publication in more traditional venues. Thanks – this was a great post!

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