Speed: You’ve Either Got it or You Don’t

I haven’t posted much again this week. I’m not sure what has been going on, but my rhythm is all out of kilter. Boy have my stats taken a hit on that. Although… I think personally my posts this month have been some of my better ones. Still, I digress.

As it is Friday, I wanted to keep it light. The weekend is coming and everybody is in high spirits. So let’s take a moment to discuss;

That’s right… Zombies. I have always loved a good zombie movie, but have never really tried reading anything in the zombie genre. A couple of short stories a month or so ago, but that was it. Yet, I find myself being inexplicably drawn to them in recent times.

I know that there are two schools of thought when it comes to zombies.

School… I remember that, my teacher was delicious

You have George Romero, the undeniable master of all things zombie, and then you have Danny Boyle, who changed the genre in one simple way… SPEED.

“What about Me?”
Rob you rock, but we’re talking about the undead here

There is a continuing debate about whether zombies can run or not. Me, I kind of like the idea, but don’t it should become a standard. Perhaps giving them the ability to walk briskly would be a happy medium.

What do you think?



10 thoughts on “Speed: You’ve Either Got it or You Don’t

  1. I think the zombie should do what it would have done when it was alive. If you’re being chased by a zombie Usain Bolt then your a$$ better have a damn good head start. However, if it’s a zombie who was a pot smoking, video game playing couch potato then relax because they’re going to be a while getting motivated.

  2. I think the reason why zombies don’t run is because they are basically animated corpses with no coherent brain function and nothing but the overwhelming urge to eat flesh and blood… so no, I just don’t think we can change that archetype. If zombies started running I reckon there would be an uproar! It might shake things up a bit though…

  3. Different Zombies move in different ways, it’s a simple, and science based fact. Rotting corpses just can’t more that fast, their bodies aren’t capable of it after a few hours of being dead, BUT viral Zombies, like in 28 days later, should be able to move at an unnatural speed due to increased endorphins, they would get tired eventually though…. anyway, that’s how I see it.

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