Stop the Hate! A Cyberbullying Campaign

I don’t often create posts like this. While I am always in favor of putting the cat among the pigeons and causing a bit of trouble. It normally focuses around the figures of authority in my life and my seemingly unconscious desire to piss them off.  However, this issue annoyed me enough to warrant a comment.

Bullying is never nice, it is something I have personal experience of, and something I will always speak out against. Today I was left appalled when I saw a shameful case of cyberbullying in action.

I follow a number of blogs, and while I may not read every post from every single one, I certainly cast my eye over the email alert that comes through. I will also admit that I read a lot more posts that I may get credit for because I read the email rather than follow the link.

One such blog is one run by a young lady called Talin. Now, her blog is generic in terms of content, she writes posts regularly, on topics that are on her mind at that moment in time. It is a blog in the very diarized essence of the word. Now, do I agree with everything she posts about? No. Do I need to? No.

Her blog is not without its faults, I will be honest. However, neither is mine. I very rarely edit my posts more than a cursory glance through. Her grammar does leave something to be desired, but her message is always clear and understandable. I will say at this point, that Talin is from Albania, and now resides in Canada. However, English is not her main langauge – or so I believe. If I am wrong, then my apologies, my assumption has not basis around the above mentioned comments.

I was reading a post of hers this morning, and as I got to the bottom, I took a cursory glance at the comments. They were horrible. They were not just criticizing, but down right mean and hurtful. While some were even personal attacks. The majority were conversations, actual conversations between commenters talking about how they only follow her because of how embarrassing she is, or how her blog is a train wreck. How much they wanted to see her fail and be humiliated.

To those people, I cry, shame on you!! You are the embarrassment, not Talin. Your comments (especially the vulgar ones that I refuse to mention) do nothing but show how foolish and ugly you all are.

I follow a great many blogs where the blogger in question does not answer every or even many of their comments. It is not something I personally agree with, but it is up to them. If you are so offended by this, stop following the blog. To insist on spreading your hurtful venom around is not doing any good, to anybody.

It is people like you that should face criminal charges (if only it were possible to track you down… oh wait, it is.) for your actions.

You should never attack someone for doing what they enjoy, you can disagree with their post, and do so respectfully. The actually promotes healthy discussions and even encourages people to learn, to improve their skills. I saw people in the gym once, all standing around making fun of a larger woman simply because she was there. I told them, how can you attack her, you don’t know her, and she is here, standing up, working out and getting healthy. There could be all manner of reasons that have led her to where she is. The same applies here, everywhere in life.

So I dedicate this post to Talin, and saw you carry on doing what it is that you love, and those hater be fucking damned!!

We are always learning, and improving in this craft, and I will always stand there cheering you on.

To prove my point, I have purposefully not edited this post! Why, to show I am not perfect, and I challenge you all to write your next post without thinking, and to post it without editing. If not for me, or for Talin, then simply because you can, and you care.



23 thoughts on “Stop the Hate! A Cyberbullying Campaign

  1. Well done for writing this post. There seems to be a growing amount of people who are targeting/bullying bloggers / writers through a variety of forums. A friend of mine has recent experience of this when his wonderful novel, which the bullies had not read, was subject to the most awful abuse he and I did try to speak rationally to them but we got nowhere. Trouble is, those comments are still on the forum for others to read and he can’t delete them from his author’s page. Well done for making this stand and best wishes to Talin.

    1. Thank you for commenting Fiona. When I see something like this is just makes me so mad. I had to post about it. If I can just make one of those people stop and think about how hurtful they are, then I know I have helped.

  2. Well said! That very reason is one of the many I moderate my comments. I don’t mind a bad comment, someone who has an honest dislike or even correction to something I’ve written. If all we get is sunshine we never improve as writers/bloggers. But harassing/vicious comments that have no merit are not only uncalled for but childish. They don’t make the commenter look like a better person it makes them look weak and insecure.

    Talin put your comments on moderate to weed the jerkies from honest commenters and blog on. You have something to say and an audience that wants to hear it.

    1. Moderating comments is the way to go. I have to moderate the first comment I receive off people, and thankfully have never had any comments like that. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is appreciated.

  3. It is kind of you to stick up for another blogger, Alex. They are upset because she hasn’t responded to comments, wanting her to interact and engage on a negative level and she’s smart to ignore. Listen, it’s HER blog and she can do as she pleases.

    (I’m not sure why she’s not moderating comments at this point? Or maybe she is and just wants people to have their say.)

    My belief is there is something to learn from people who sincerely want to help you. If they have other motives that’s usually very clear. I always tell the authors I work with that ANY emotion they can elicit in people is a win and she should take it as such.

    1. I agree with you there Rachel. I guess it harks back to the whole any publicity is good publicity. This one just got under my skin. Maybe she doesn’t mind, maybe, on some level she likes the … I don’t know, the controversy of it all, but I feel better about myself for writing it.

  4. I also moderate all of my comments. And there have been times when I’ve waffled as to whether or not to post something inflammatory. But I draw a hard line at hate speech. …of the malicious sort. 😀 I’m sure you understand.

    There’s something very strange about the internet where people who would not act this way face to face with another human being feel they are not actually communicating to another “person” when they say these things. In a way (and I’m absolutely not making excuses for them) it appears to be a way for people to just randomly lash out.

    I was 15 when I started interacting with people online, and the steady decline of humanness in the last 18 years has been staggering.

    Summary: Yes. Go you. Excellent post. Agree.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Quill. Moderating comments is definitely a way to go. I moderate the first comment from new visitors as a matter of course. I read every comment I receive and reply to 99% of them. If people were posting anything overly abusing I would delete it.

      Yes, the internet has brought about a new level of human interaction.

  5. Go Alex! I hate bullying too and if more of us took a stand against it we might just have a chance of stamping it out – in a decade or two. It’s everywhere and it must stop! I’m going to check out that site right now.

  6. p.s. You were so right Alex. And I think the thing that shocked me most was that this drivel was coming from adult bloggers with decent writing skills. I’m ashamed that these educated people would be so… nasty and petty. Ugh.

  7. Alex, I am proud to call you my friend. It takes guts to stand up against the crowd and say, “This is wrong!” I’m sending you a warm hug right now, and one for Talin as well.

  8. Hello, I am Talin and I just saw this post. I just want to thank you for your blog and your expression onto my blog. Yes I do need improvement on my blog, and I have recently started to moderate the comments onto my blog. I appreciate it so much and I thank you for your honesty. It sure helped me a lot. Thank you.

    1. Hi Talin, Thank you for dropping by and for leaving a comment. You are most welcome. I enjoy your posts, and just remember to never let anybody stop you from doing what you love. Have a wonderful day.

  9. Great post, Alex. Following Talin now. Whether she chooses to follow my blog or not does not matter. It’s not about me. Its about her. Any bullying I catch is going to get an earful from me.

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