Fear: What Scares You?

Only a short post today, but it is one I have been wanting to talk about for a little while now, and actually links to  a few posts that I want to write.


I don’t want to discuss what it is, not yet at least, but rather I want to ask, what scares you?

With this I don’t mean, spiders, or clowns, or in my own case… butterflies. These things creep us out, they are phobias and things we strongly dislike, but I mean fear in the sense of if you just think about it, you feel darkness invade your every pore and begin to strangle your soul.

True fear doesn’t hide behind a phobia, it doesn’t even necessarily lurk in the dark.

For me, the one thing that truly scares me, and I mean to the very core of my being, is loosing my mind; Alzheimer’s Disease.

The very knowledge that I may one day lose my mind in the very literal sense, plain out terrifies me beyond words. Not being able to recognize my wife and kids, dare I say one day grandkids etc, not knowing who I am, what is happening, but knowing that I should know it. I am creeped out just writing it.

On that note, I should say that a friend of mine, LM Stull is doing a sponsored event to raise money against this disease. Please visit her site and consider donating to this great cause.

So please, tell me, what is it that terrifies you?


16 thoughts on “Fear: What Scares You?

  1. I think the one thing that scares me more than anything would be losing my wife. I don’t mean to divorce or separation. If that were to happen, she would still be my friend and I could still talk to her. It is the thought of being taken away from me permanently that frightens me. She is not only my lover but my best friend as well. She keeps me balanced and in control and is always there to talk to. She never criticizes me or judges me; but instead offers me comfort and solution whenever I need it, She is the best gift that God ever gave me. So yes, that’s what scares me, Alex.

    1. That is a very good point. The thought to losing my wife or any of my children like that does indeed terrify me, yet at the same time, part of my is uber-rational and I know that however much it would hurt, I would still survive it. Maybe it is because that terrifies me too much, and I block it out completely, do that it doesn’t even register as a fear.
      It would certainly be a dark abyss that would consume me if such a thing ever happened. My family is my life. Thanks a lot for stopping by.

  2. I work in healthcare and that and dementia scares the crap out of me. Am I gonna be one of these combative people that needs to be slapped into restraints when I’m hospitalized? They never sleep, and all I can think and wonder is if they actually know what is happening to them.

  3. Both of you make very valid points. The thought of losing my hubby is something I don’t want to face. He is my partner in life..completely. I have been the caregiver for my in-laws and have watched one go with dementia and the other with ALS where my own mom just wasted by increments. I know I will get old and have to face all of these fears. Time is relentless. But I also fear losing my home.

    1. ALS is another horrible illness Holly, you’re right there. I have never had any experience of dealing with it, but I can only imagine how horrifying it must be. Loosing my home is not really a fear for me, but I am pretty laid back in the sense, and in terms of jobs etc. Although, I can understand it, for it must be a daunting prospect. Maybe because I only rent my house. If I buy one I guess it will be a different story.

  4. Both of you have valid points. My hubby is my rock and my partner in all parts of my life. Though I know the reality of death I really have difficulty understanding life without him. That is hard to face. But there is another fear..losing my home.

    1. Dealing with such illnesses must be horrible. None of my family have ever truly suffered with something. My grandmother was going senile, but she passed away from other unrelated issues. Thank you for commenting Holly.

  5. Losing my mind is a very real fear. My mother lost her mind. She was never “all there” as we were growing up; this got worse as the got older. She died at 58, having completely lost her connection with reality.
    Along similar but different lines, possession is something that I find horrifying. When I see it in the movies, it scares me quite a bit. When I saw my mother losing her mind, it occurred to me that a person could be possessed and have it mistaken for a Psychiatric problem.

    1. Possession is certainly a concept that I have thought about. Maybe not in terms of fear, but certainly in terms outside of my writing. I think losing ones mind is quite a standard fear, and I can only imagine what it must be like to live with someone who is going through it. Thanks for dropping by Maxine, as always, it was a pleasure.

  6. I think the thing that scares me the most – apart from big hairy spiders – is the thought that I’m getting older and I have yet to achieve something truly good in this world – apart from The Daughter that is. 🙂 I want to create something worthwhile as my ‘legacy’ to the future. Failing to do that scares me.

    1. I know all about that fear Andrea. Just having to consisder the possibility that my current job is as good as it gets for me chills me to the core. I am proud as punch of my kids, but want to find someway to leave leave my mark on the world.

  7. Like you Alex, Alzheimer’s Disease, but also cancer, going blind, and becoming immobile for whatever reason – car accident, arthritis. I guess being stranded, abandoned. Not sure what is at the top of the list – maybe they all are fighting for top of the list.
    On a lighter note – it isn’t butterflies with me, but snakes and wasps.

    1. Thank you Sharon. Cancer does fill me with dread, but it doesn’t terrify my like losing my mind. It is hard to crack down to one specific fear, there are a lot of things out there, and I guess at the end of the day, a lot of them revolve around dying in some shape of form. I think it is only natural.

      Snakes I can handle, although if one came into the living room and I had to remove it, then I’m not so sure. I’m getting better with butterflies, although if you ask me, they are way more sinister than people give them crdit for.

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