Paperback or Hardcover; You Decide

For a while now I have been reading, and yes, even wrote a post about the battle between books and ebooks. But you know what, I have kind of grown bored of the debate. Technology will always win the battles, but the war will never end. I honestly believe that with a slight adjustment to the process, both will coexist in harmony with each other.

What I wanted to talk about today, in the interest of getting a good discussion going, is…

Paperback vs Hardcover

Personally, I never by Hardcover books… ok, usually. I did buy the Hardcover edition of The Wind Through the Keyhole, but only because the price was awesome and the paperback was not out.

I don’t know what it is, but the feel of a Hardcover novel just doesn’t sit the same with me. Paperbacks get old, they get dog-eared with wrinkles on the spine that tell you how often they have been read.

That being said, I can understand the aesthetic appeal of Hardcovers, especially when they are all neatly displayed in the bookcase of choice.

So now, I turn the floor over to you my good friends.

Let the discussions begin:




11 thoughts on “Paperback or Hardcover; You Decide

  1. I was deadset against digital books in the beginning, but then I noticed that some of my favorite authors were going digital first, so I bit the bullet and bought a Kindle. Sadly, it didn’t take long to become a convert. While I still buy an occasional print edition, I do most of my reading on Kindle now. When I do buy physical books, I tend to favor hardcovers for their durability. I will resort to paperbacks if hardcovers aren’t available, and I try to treat my paperbacks really really well. Usually, when I am finished with a paperback, I can sell it back to the store as unread if I choose to. The pages are not folded down, and there are no creases to the spine. Even paperbacks I’ve read repeatedly have no signs of having been read.

    1. That is impressive then Michael, my paperback always end up with creased spines, but I guess the kids may have a role to play in that too.

      I do most of my reading on the Kindle, although I try to always have a ‘real’ book on the go at the same time. I kind of use ebooks like a trial. The investment is less, so if I love the book, I don’t mind buyign the print edition, and vice versa, if it sucks, then I have only lost the ebook price, and that I find reasonable.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Alleluliah! I’ve found someone else who likes to make their ‘mark’ when reading a paperback!
    I’m always being scorned by those who discover that I am indeed ‘a spinecracker’, but it’s natural to me. I like a book to look like it’s been read, to feel the crease & see the folds on the pages marking my journey through the book I’m reading.
    Paperbacks are my preference, I can bung one in my bag before going out, throw a couple in my suitcase when going on holiday; they are my companions wherever I go. Never leave the house without a good book- you never know when you’re going to need one!
    I have, however, been buying some hardbacks lately. The rest of the ones I own have been given to me by friends, or I’ve picked up a few cheap first editions in second-hand shops (great place to find them!), but the one’s I’ve been buying have been signed first edition. I’ve also got a growing collection of my writer friend’s books that I’ve been given, lovingly signed with a message. Yes, it lowers the resale value, but they’ll never leave me. They were sent to me, my friends knowing how much I love ‘real books’, & they’ll never leave me.

    But a paperback is a reader’s best friend!

    1. I did cave and bought a second hand Kindle a few years ago. It is still going strong and I do love it, but I will never give up on real books. I would love to get a few first editions and stuff. Im not sure what the market is like for them in Holland. Especially for English language books.

  3. Hardcovers annoy me unless they are one of the truly old books that were printed back when there were no paperbacks. If there is to be an either or between paperbacks and kindle though I have to say I’d choose my kindle. Now. I already have more books than I know what to do with and I can’t read most of them without reading glasses so… they live on my shelves and get loved like old friends but for straight reading give me the kindle any day! Lightweight, portable, font-adjustable. What more could a book worm ask for?

    1. The kindle (ereaders in general) is a great machine. I just find that holding a hardcover book is often a cumbersome process, while paperbacks, they cjust slide into your hands.

      1. You know the day I first started thinking about getting a kindle? I was on the train, reading a 2 inch think paperback when I noticed that not one, but at least 5 other people were reading these tiny things that seemed to weigh nothing at all.

        That was when the paperback began to lose a little bit of its shine, for me. 🙂

  4. Hardbacks. There’s a sort of permanency attached, as if they’ll always be around. When I was young I read almost exclusively from the local library. All hardbacks, and every one had a different world locked inside.
    Nowadays they seem to shrug off coffee stains and doghairs better than card covers, though that’s probably my imagination. My only regret is the format makes self-pubs too expensive, so it’s paperbacks for now 😦

    1. I see your point there. As I said to Andrea, I just find Hardcovers too cumbersome to hold. I read a lot in bed at the end of the day, and a paperback just feels so much more comfortable. Ok, my Kindle even more so, but I like to alternate as best I can between the two.

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