The first thing I noticed when I joined the writing community was the sense of belonging. The welcoming arms and the selflessness that everybody showed. Always willing to help one another out, lend a hand promoting, editing, proofing. You name it, the writing community has your back and in turn, you have theirs. It was one of the most refreshing things I have ever seen and made me think that maybe, just maybe, there was hope for society after all.

So much of the time is spent focusing on the negative, the scandal and the pointless, very little time is spent looking at the brighter side, the successes and the team spirit that is sadly ever so lacking in the modern world.

Ok, maybe I’ve gone off on a tangent… again, and started the week a little heavy, but I am sure you get the message, but, to paraphrase:

Camaraderie, everybody taking time out to help. Writing is all about sales, especially for indie authors, but there are very few (because let’s face it, there are some out there) people who only stand there and shout Me, Me, ME at the top of their lungs. The majority shout Us, Us, US.

It always makes me feel sad when you meet people who always seem to want to outdo those around them. Even when it comes to something simple, like generosity. A case in point would be a gift, or a Secret Santa kind of deal. Anything where a price is fixed for all. You always get those people who will spend more. They do it not to be magnanimous, but simply to show off, to be best, and say ” I spent more than you.”

Why is it that people always feel the need to show off and push others down?


I don’t really have much more to add… or rather, there is a lot more that could be discussed on this topic, but it would turn into some uber-long ramble that never ended. Human nature and all that.

But, this bothered me and I had to write it down. The real cause for the post was not a Secret Santa, but was something similar. A price was asked for and given, then doubled by said person.
Ok, I’m done


Thanks for listening.



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