REBLOG: First Dates are a Bitch & Filmmaker Blair Richardson Shows us Why!!

A very enjoyable Horror short from a young director who is all about the horror.

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Blair Richardson is a 21-year-old from Jacksonville, Florida who only makes horror films. She wrote, produced, and directed the short, FIRST DATE, earlier this year and is already in pre-production for her next project. FIRST DATE was shot in two days and the entire cast and crew are all local Floridians. FIRST DATE is written and directed by Blair Richardson and stars Ashton Nicole and Jason Roy Jones. The DP was Peter AD Stahl with special effects by Jeremy Tidwell and Devin McDonagh. Check it out here:

FIRST DATE is currently making it’s rounds on the film festival circuit and Richardson is in pre-production on working on KITTY, KITTY. Apparently there’s gonna be a creature in KITTY, KITTY and below are some preliminary sketches of the creature. It’s great to get a female perspective in the male-dominated horror genre. Keep kicking ass, Blair!!

Stay Bloody!!!

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