We Are Never Happy.

Living in a country where the climate can move through all four seasons before lunch has made us Europeans, especially the British and the Dutch has made us a bunch of impossible to please wingers.

All May, June and July, we sat around complaining about how crap the summer had been, how we hadn’t been able to do anything because the summer just didn’t arrive.

Jump forward to August 17th, the temperatures have soared toΒ a sudden 30+ degrees. It had been predicted but still, we stood in the street aghast when we say cloudless blue sky above out heads first thing in the morning.

By lunch time, people were hot and sweating, but mid afternoon they were half melted and complaining about hot it is, and how the summers are getting warmer. Night comes, the bed covers fall to the floor, and the entire South Holland population toss and turn in a near unison until the sun comes along and spoils us with another idyllic day. Blue sky, singing birds, searing temperatures, and an occasional cooling breeze. Thirty degrees centigrade comes and is left in the dust as the mercury powers up the chart.

It is a strange phenomenon to hear an entire country moan in unison. Yet, visit Holland on any given warm day, and at some point you will bear witness to such an event.

What baffles me is not that fact that his is a nationwide problem, but rather the question of why? What makes us complain so much. Why are we never happy with the weather.

It’s too hot,

It’s too cold,

It never stops raining,

We need some rain,

It’s good for the garden,

All this rain is destroying the crops.

Are we really all that exasperated with the weather, or is it just an easy target. Something we can all relate to.

I have noticed that in many walks of life, people love to complain, but when given the chance to change something, or given the full controls, they flounder. They curl up or turn their back and walk away. We are happy to complain.

Therefore, to complain about the weather is… safe?

I mean, let’s face it, what will change. We can bitch and complain, rant and rave all night long, but there is nothing we can do about the weather. It is what it is, and that makes it above all other things, an easy target.

7 thoughts on “We Are Never Happy.

  1. Fear not Alex, we in Australia complain about the weather all the time too! And I think you’re right, complaining about the weather /is/ safe. I wonder what we will be like once climate change really rears its ugly head and ‘the weather’ becomes something that can kill you. 😦

    1. I wonder indeed Andrea. I think it is a global interest, bitching about the weather traverses religion, sexuality, race, everything, maybe that is why we all enjoy doing it so much. Thanks for dropping by

  2. It is a safe topic of conversation, an opener where strangers or friends meet – a form of social glue (we all suffer the same weather) we can safely raise our fists against weather – it’s not really complaining more a game. We need to worry when we stop having weather and have climate!:(

    1. The god help us! It’s true, the weather is a universal scapegoat for all of our problems. Maybe that’s why it always sucks so much, we have made it believe our negativity. Let’s all be nice about the weather and see if we can’t improve it that way. Hey, it has to be worth a try… right? πŸ™‚

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