The Week Ahead

Well, I cannot believe how quick the last week went.

First things first, how did I do last week?

My goal was 500 words a day on my novel, and to get the hand written edits on my short story collection finished.

The result: I kicked ass. I got all of the edits out-of-the-way early Friday evening, and hit over 750 words almost every day last week on my novel. I was so far ahead, that I took the weekend off to relax and just hang with the kids.

A new week has now begun however, and with the comes new goals. First and foremost is to get the edits typed up for the short story collection. Secondly, I would like to hit 500 words a day on my novel.

Today sadly will be a near whitewash. I got nothing written this morning. Well, I hit my 500 words, more in fact, but it was a blog post… does that still count? I guess so, in a way. I have tonight still, but never seen to get as much done in the evening as I do late at night or early in the morning.

Still, I am looking at the week as a whole. I want to crack on and get at least 75% of my corrections typed up. I think it is doable, providing I don’t keep faffing around and forgetting to send myself the files I need so I can write while at work.

I also need to approach my brother-in-law for the cover art. I have the image in my head, but have just never been too good at designing things on my own.

I’m keeping the goals basic this week, as I know I don’t have unlimited time, and really want to get this editing done and dusted. That way I can recruit some victims beta readers to review the collection and let me know what they think.

What are your plans for the week ahead? I would love to hear them.

On a final note, during my Facebook wanderings this morning I came across a very talented artist. I have been looking at his stuff all day. Check him out and let me know if you think he is as good as I do. His name is Ben Baldwin, and he just could be designing your next cover.


7 thoughts on “The Week Ahead

  1. This week flew by for me, too, Alex! Funny how some weeks just seem to do that, isn’t it? I won’t complain. The faster last week went by, the closer I got to my three day mini-vacation from work and can make great progress on my own goals, like it looks like you have! Good luck with the week ahead! May it be just as swift and prosperous (and maybe slow down a little here and there to really savor life).

  2. Great job with the writing, but I am a bit disappointed in you… instead of taking the weekend off to play with the kids, you should have kept writing and trained the kids like editing monkeys to help daddy… just sayin’


    1. Editing monkeys are the plan. 4 kids, gives me an editor a beta reader, one for line edits and one for the finishing touches. However, the eldest is only 5 and Dutch is his primary language so it would probably only be a slightly better editing job than I can do myself. LOL.

      Thanks for dropping by.

    1. He is also pretty low cost, so I am thinking about using him for my short story covers. I hope to have three by the end of the year, if all goes well, and I don’t shred them all during editing LOL. I wrote them 2 years ago, and some areas make me want to cry. ha.

      At 50 pounds a cover, he is very reasonable, and I am blown away by his talent.

      1. Wow that is reasonable. I haven’t even started to think about things like covers or artwork or anything but I’ll definitely keep him in mind.

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