A Natural Blog

I am been on somewhat of a blogging rampage of late, the ideas have been flowing freely, and my capacity for writing seems to have increased exponentially with my decision to cut the junk food from my diet and lead a much healthier lifestyle. I am sure that there is a link between the two.

Still, when it comes to blogging, I find that I cannot force my writing. With fiction I have no problem in just bulldozing ahead with my ideas, forcing the words onto the page until they form some sense of order and there, amidst the mess I find my path again. With a little bit of landscaping I can clear it away and there we go. With blogging it doesn’t work like that.

There used to be days where I stared at the page ‘ New Post’ the only text on the screen. My mind would be a blank and I was unable to enter even the most basic of words. Having the idea but being unable to get the words out was one problem, but having nothing at all was something else. I could read all the blogs I wanted, I could scour the news and think of movies I like or books that inspire me, but nothing would get my brain into blogging gear.

The, the moment I turned away to do something else, it would hit me. Inspiration.

The less I thought about, the more the little voice in the back of my mind spoke up. “You should blog about that.” or “That’s a nice idea, we can use that.”

In the beginning, I was annoyed by this, but then I got to thinking, and in theory, it makes sense. A blog should be natural, it shouldn’t be something that is forced.

Sure, we blog for others to read, but no every post has to be something profound or life affirming, for you or your readers.

What is blogging if not just a modern form of journal keeping?

Recording out private thoughts and feelings, is a natural act, it needs to flow. To journal, we need to be relaxed, and simply let go. Be unafraid to show who we are, beneath the public persona that we all create for ourselves. The sort of honesty, even on particular topics, as blogs tend to be, cannot be forced. They must flow.

So this week, I decided that the very last thing I would think about it blogging. Th result, I have been blogging more than ever, and in my honest opinion, they have been some of my very best posts.

So, with this I decree, that I will continue to not think about blogging, for as long as people continue reading what I don’t think about.

With that, I want to end this post with a thank you, extended to all of you who have read this post or any of the other ones I have written.

9 thoughts on “A Natural Blog

  1. I agree that blogging shouldn’t be forced. When I started my blog, I wanted to maintain my one-post-every-two-days schedule, but I found that at times I don’t feel like writing, or that I don’t have any ideas I feel comfortable writing about. But that’s all right. First and foremost a blogger writes for themselves. Readers won’t mind if he/she is a few days late!

  2. I think I write a natural blog too! I have tried to get ahead of myself a couple of times but I’ve never ended up liking those posts so I generally come up with something else on the spur of the moment. And it’s a good thing working like that!

    1. I think you are doing an excellent job Andrea, keep it up. I no longer have a schedule or anything like that. I threw it all out of the window and now blog purely as and when I have time / inspiration.
      As always, it was a pleasure to hear from you.

  3. I agree. Sometimes I write my blog posts in advance when I have time, so that I can post them at regular intervals throughout the week. Other times I simply do a spur-of-the-moment blog if the inspiration hits. Due to my time constraints I find it easier to blog two or three times a week. Oh, and Alex, you might like to try PeoplePerHour.com for freelance work. They are a UK website that is rapidly growing, easy to use, and I landed a great copy edit/ghost writing job through them.

    1. I used to plan my posts and spend ages trying to think of them, and then I just thought… bugger it, I threw caution to the wind and off I went. I think some of the posts I have written this month have been my best work. Hopefully it will continue. 🙂

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