Smells Like Man Flesh

We all know that we are what we eat, and all sexy beasts jokes apart, there is a certain element of truth to that. But what about if other people eat us? What then?

I have often found myself wondering if people of different nationalities taste differently.

I am of the belief that our diets shapes how our flesh would taste. Now, I have no plans on finding out, but I cannot see any other answer. If you look at how diets across the world vary, it can only be assumed that flesh of those eating the diet would have a taste that varies accordingly. Of course I am talking about eating the meat plain, possibly even raw. No seasonings or sauces here.

He liked fine wine and avocados… delightful

I mean sure, Zombies aren’t fussy, they eat whatever they can get, but for the more intellectual cannibals, who are the more sinister of the flesh eaters, there surely needs to be some element of thought put into meal planning.  Would eating a vegetarian be the same as eating an out-and-out meat head along with a side of steamed vegetables?

Lifestyle should obviously also play a part when choosing who you are going to eat. I guess, it could be further boiled down to be based around what body part and or organs you plan on cooking with.

That being said, someone who is all muscle would probably taste just as bad as an obese person. Sure the steaks would be huge, but the meat undoubtedly tough. What you would rather go for is an Average Joe, the kind of everyday person who has a decent layer of fat on them, not only will it yield a tenderer meat, but the levels of adrenaline that course through the body will be higher than they are used to, and will add a subtle flavor to finished cut.

I was reading an article the other day that said fat is actually good for the brain. It is the layer of fat that surrounds our cranial engine that ensure we stay on top of our A game. Hence why Fish, Omega oils and nuts have been labelled brain food. See again how diet can play a role in the end taste of the meat?

I’m allergic to nuts… but I like Tuna fish.

I am not sure why, but there seems to be a distinct lack of cannibals in the horror world today. Zombies apart, Hannibal is really the only man in town who is partial to the odd joint of Roasted Long Pig on a Sunday.  Maybe it is a positive that can be found in the rising obesity levels within modern society. We are starving the cannibal into extinction.

I say it is time that the Cannibals return… I am determined to write a cannibal story that will return this more gruesome of predator to the top of the food chain.

You have my full attention, Sir.

At the very least we may be able to scare the general population back into shape. Medicine may be advancing and keeping us living long and abusing our bodies even harder, because Doctors can just patch us up and ship us back out.

Watch out, because there will soon be a new enemy walking the streets, one you won’t recognize until you see him descending upon you, steak knife and pepper-mill in hand.


5 thoughts on “Smells Like Man Flesh

    1. LOL, that’s the spirit Andrea 🙂 The next question I guess, and one I often ask people when there is an awkward silent moment in a group, “what nationality do you think you taste the best?” ha. I’m evil… what’s wrong with me lol

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