The Week Ahead

Last week was a raging success. Not only did I hit nearly 1000 words a day on my novel, I managed to edit a fair amount, learn a lot in the process – about my technique and how to improve it, and I also blogged like a motherfuc… um, I mean, train, like a train.

I even managed to pick up a few freelance gigs which I knows out Friday night and Saturday. Only $50 but it buys some baby diapers and things so it’s all good. Should have some more coming in this week too.

Looking back, last week was one of my best in recent weeks, I hope I can keep it up. With that in mind, let me jump ahead to my goals for this week.

I still have two projects on the go, and I like having it so. Especially as one is writing and the other is editing it allows me to shift focus regularly.

On the WIP, I will keep my aim at 500 a day, and the editing I just want to get it done this week. It should be possible, then I can send to collection out to my Beta readers. Of which I have a couple for this collection.

Then it is just a question of cover art and then away we go. I have a great cover concept in mind, I just need to ask my brother-in-law nicely.

Only a short post this morning, to start the week gently, but please, all feel free to share your plans for the week ahead. I love to hear your plans as much as I enjoy making my own. I feel we can all benefit from pooling ideas, for there are bound to be methods that we use which differ in some way and may be just what we are looking for to shake things up and get us moving at a fast pace.

Have a great week.


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