Do You Have The Combination

I feared that I had lost my mind, but then I realized, I was fearful for my sanity once, and so I took it, and placed it in a safe place.

Somewhere far away from the world, from the dangers and the venom that would so dissolve my mind and leave me crazy… crazy as a loon.

The only problem is… I can no longer find the key…. I wonder, is there anything behind this door?

Balancing on the abyss, the finger tips of madness tickle my feet as I move along the ledge, only, what are we all inching towards?



One thought on “Do You Have The Combination

  1. sanity is overrated.
    “through off those chains of reason and your prison disappears”
    – Rush – Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres

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