The Week Ahead

Another week has flown by, and we find ourselves in September, staring down the chilly barrel of Autumn with nothing to protect us but soon to be faded tan lines and the memories of a summer enjoyed.

Too dramatic… I see your point.

Last week was a great week for me. Not only did I earn a little bit of extra cash from a freelance project I picked up, the money from which will buy our groceries this week, I also managed to finish typing up the edits on The Musings of a Hideous Mind: Volume 1, and sent it out to no less than 6 different beta readers. Three of whom I know will come back to me with some comments, and three who.. well, they offered but to be honest I don’t know them very well, and so have no idea what they will come back with. I am nervous about the comments, but excited at the same time. It will be nice to get something polished up and published.

I managed to work on my WIP every day too, and got between 800 and 1000 words done a day on it which was above my target and puts me at nearly 50,000 words, about two-thirds of the way through the book.

As for the plans this week, I hope to get in a few more freelance things, which I spend my evenings working on. I think for the rest, I will focus on the WIP. See if I can set myself 1000 words a day, just to get a chunk taken out. I still have two short story collections sitting there waiting to be edited, but I think a week off from editing will be a nice break too.

Besides, this current novel has really kept me guessing, it has changed direction a few times, and while I know there are a couple of sections that will need some heavy editing, I like the way it is swerving around. It is definitely not an all out horror novel. Now it is more of a drama, but with some harrowing and horror filled scenes thrown into the mix, or rather blended in, I should have something that can be marketed as both. Who knows, if even I don’t know where it is going to end up, how can anybody else.

What are your plans for the week? Do you have a set focus, writing or editing etc. Feel free to let me know, I love hearing about what others are up to and the methods different people use to get their works written and finished.





5 thoughts on “The Week Ahead

  1. I like the sound of your WIP Alex. That’s how my stories evolve as well and I like the unpredictability of it all. There’s nothing worse than starting a new book and discovering 20 pages in that you can already guess how it will end. And I truly hate it when authors almost put a sign above character’s heads saying ‘This is the good guy’ and ‘This is the villain’. To me that’s like painting by numbers. 😦

    1. Thanks Andrea. The odd thing is that this Novel was planned out from beginning to end, but somehow after just the first chapter I had gone óff-piste’ and now I’m just plain old trekking through foreign terrain haha, and loving it I might add.

      1. It’s exhilarating isn’t it. I’m not a very adventurous person in real life so I get a huge kick out of ‘letting go’ in my writing.

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