Review: Attic Clowns Volume One

Attic Clowns Volume One
Attic Clowns Volume One by Jeremy C. Shipp
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A short collection of 4 clown tales that take the usual image of the (un)funny terrors, and turns them on their head. Each story has a central theme that links the clowns, they all live in the attic of a chosen house and are appointed or linked to the owners of that house. For the rest however, the stories are very different.

Each one is an odd and truly new experience. The first story, Giggles is the longest of the four, and in my opinion the best. It is the extra length it has that creates a much fuller tale. Don’t get me wrong however, for the other three, especially The Glass Box are haunting, and chilling.

Normally when reading horror, we know what to expect, darkness, jumps, scares and kills. What Jeremy C. Shipp has created with Attic clowns is something else. Something haunting and utterly bizarre. I can honestly say I have never read anything written in such a manner, yet I enjoyed it immensely.

I certainly intend to pick up the rest of the attic clown series.

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