Review: My Remembrance

My Remembrance
My Remembrance by Maxine L. Owen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You could easily believe that My Remembrance is a tale of abuse, however, I prefer to view is as a tale of survival.
It shows how strong the human spirit is and that, if you have faith, you can get through anything, no matter how unbearable it may seem at the time.

Maxine Owen takes us on a journey that is hard to read and can only make us wonder how hard it was to live through.

A triumphant tale when looked at from the right perspective, My Remembrance tells us that we can get through things, when life seems unfair and against us, it probably is, but it is an opportunity for us to learn and grow as individuals.

What is the old adage, it is not how we act in the moment that defines us, but rather how we respond once the moment has passed. From the greatest of tragedies, the most wonderful things can arise, and that is what happens here.

A truly wonderful written book, that is harsher than many written today, because it is true… it did happen, and it still does, somewhere in the world, someone will read this, place themselves in the title role, and maybe, just maybe, find the courage to do what Maxine did, to push back, to grown and bloom into something wonderful.

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6 thoughts on “Review: My Remembrance

  1. Alex, your review brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much!
    I wanted my story to be about hope and growth, not about accusations and judgments. I wanted to say, “Yes, it happened, but it does not define who I am, or who another abused person can be.”

    1. If you ask me Maxine, you did that job perfectly. I definitely see it as a story of survival and growth, not suppression. Well done on writing it, and well done on become such a wonderful person today. You are an inspiration.

      1. Alex, my friend, Kenny, says that he can see My Remembrance as a Lifetime movie of the week type of thing. That would be great. But if I touch a few lives and offer hope along the way, my goal is accomplished.

  2. I have Maxine’s book in my to-read pile. She’s a lovely woman, and I very much can’t wait to soak up her words. Fantastic review, Alex.

    1. Lisa, your friendship and Alex’s means a lot to me. Thank you for support that never fails, for sharing a bit of yourself in both your book writing and your blog, and for opening your heart to the things that I write. I am truly blessed to count the two of you among my friends.

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