Amazon Looks Beyond The US To Take One Step Beyond… Or Does It

Finally, Amazon casts a glance to the shores and imagines that there could be a world outside of the mainly land United States. For that fact alone, I applaud them.

When the Kindle Fire first came out, those of us not lucky enough to live in the United States were at first forgotten and then later on mercilessly teased by Amazon.

Sorry Europe, You can’t have this!

First we were told it would be released later, then in limited numbers, and then the ever enjoyable Yes / No game began.  Isn’t that fun. Getting people’s hopes up just to dash them because the Dice of bored business men didn’t fall right.

I know, let’s play best two out of three.

When I first got wind of Amazon’s press conference yesterday, while the initial spark of interest I had made me stop and ponder the possible announcement and doused the budding flame with a healthy portion of reality. It’s Amazon, I told myself. They don’t do the Rest of the World.

You can then imagine my surprise when, admittedly allowing my curiosity to get the better of me (guess we all know how I’m gonna die later) I logged on to see what the announcement was, and to see that not only was the new Kindle Fire for sale in the US, but will actually be available on the site too.  Admittedly, it is not scheduled for a launch until the end of October, and this gives the Amazon Powers that be more than enough time to chance their mind and re-roll those fated dice. However, with pre-orders being taken, I am surely allowed to all my hopes to rise just every so slightly.

Get me while I’m HOT!!

What do you think of the new Fire? I think it looks and sounds, but I wouldn’t use it for reading. The back-light just seems like a step back. The new Kindle Paperwhite looks very good… but what… it’s not available outside of the US.



p.s. Apologies for the long post title.

3 thoughts on “Amazon Looks Beyond The US To Take One Step Beyond… Or Does It

  1. lol – I’m still knew to the whole kindle thing to think about an upgrade but I can guarantee that the Kindle Fire won’t reach Australia until Outer Uzbekistan has had their go. 😦 Just as well I’m happy with grey and black. 🙂

    1. Yeah, Amazon seems to forget about the rest of the world in general, not just Europe. Such a shame, because I read mostly at night, and the new light in the Paperwhite would be perfect.

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