Review: Wesley and the Sex Zombies

Wesley and the Sex Zombies
Wesley and the Sex Zombies by Portia Da Costa
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I picked this up for free from Amazon while searching for some Zombie fiction the other day. It was short so I thought, why not.

Ultimately, this story feels empty, unfinished and to be honest with you, kind of nonsensical. I have seen that the author has several works to her name, all of which have been well received, however, I feel the horror element to the story may have highlighted an area best left alone.

The writing was good, don’t get me wrong, the scenes were well described, and the interaction was… acceptable for a short story. The plot moved forward and came to a conclusion of sorts, but at the same time never really asked a question that needed answering.

A writer is in a cafe, and sees a couple walk in. Zombies, made to look ‘normal’ by magic powered a by a third member of their sexually charged trio. However, this wizard has left them, and unless they replace him / her, they will lose their power and melt. Yes, melt into a puddle of decay.They see this writer and decide he is the wizard.

Now this sounds odd, and it is, to be honest, I couldn’t get passed the undead nymphomaniacs. The final few pages, bring it together… a bit, the three are together, and the story is appearing in a magazine. However, is if made up, are the zombies living with him real or was it fiction? Where did they come from, what made him the Wizard, why did they need to have sex in order to keep the magic going? I don’t get it, and as a result didn’t enjoy the story.

Ms. Da Costa’s usual genre is not one I would read, and so I will not be sampling any more of her work, however, a few extracts at the end of the story, shows a solid writing ability, and to those fans of romance, I am sure she is a good writer, whose works should be read.

Ultimately, this story offered neither zombies, horror, is that much romance / erotic. It was disjointed and well, not for me.

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