The Week Ahead

I didn’t get a post written yesterday, and for the simple reason that my day was possibly one of the worst days of my life, that capped off a terrible weekend and a period of bad luck that has seen me question a great many things.

A good night sleep and a good laugh later I am much more philosophical about things. I am british after all, it takes more than a few kidney punches from life to keep me down.

Basically my plan this week is to write when I can, and try not to lose my sanity.

My work travel arrangements have been complicated by my loss of car keys and I am now faced with I believe a three-hour round trip commute that I am not really looking forward to.

I have too many things to try to work out and sort through to set goals any more detailed than that.

Please forgive me.


6 thoughts on “The Week Ahead

  1. Luck is a bitch and must have it in for you at the moment but keep your chin up because you’ve probably had all the bad luck that should have been spread over the next five years so after this things will just have to get better. 🙂

    1. That is exactly what I said to my wife. All famous actors or writers are poor and struggling when they are discovered. I am just being tested on how badly I want it, how much I will sacrifice to achieve. This is just a sign that my luck is going to turn, the ebb of the tide before a tsunami of success. 🙂

  2. It is all part of the 2012 shift, Alex. We must endure some harsh tests in order to come out on top. You are not alone, and we are all here for you to give support and perspective. Chin up old boy!

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