The Nationality Debate

It is election time around the world, or so it would seem. Facebook and Twitter feeds are being inundated with Political statements and home-made smear campaigns. Friendships are being torn apart because of which party one is plumping for.
In light of this fact, I have decided that today should be my turn, and so, I am going to write a post about.. Sports.

I understand the importance of politics, but choose not to discuss them.
I have noticed a trend in sports, especially in Tennis which would make it seem that a certain player’s nationality is not set in stone, but rather based upon his performance.

First of all it was with the Canadian…. um… English… Canadian Born… British… Canadian born British Greg Rusedski  and now seems to have been passed on to the British… Scottish… British…. Scottish, now very much British Andy Murray

It bothers me that we seem to be so fickle as a society, that we now start basing a person’s nationality on the level of their success.

When Rusedski was winning matches, the papers always called him British, then when he lost and was involved in the doping issue, he was Canadian Born in all newspaper articles. The same for Andy, since Monday, he is firmly British in the eyes of the media, but I will stake a bet that the next time he suffers a shock defeat, he will be back to being Scottish (Nothing against Scottish people of course).

Is this an English thing, or have you noticed this trend in your own media?


3 thoughts on “The Nationality Debate

  1. Thanks. I know we need them, and I have a view, but I vote and that is it. It’s not my place to do anything more than that. I see so much on Facebook, and arguments between people. It’s nuts.

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