I Am Awesome

I should shout this to the world, then everybody will know how awesome I am. But wait, I can´t do it that blatantly, people won´t understand my awesomeness… not straight away. I know, I´ll pretend to be someone else and then that person… or many people, will tell the world how incredible I am. I will … I mean, they will proclaim my excellence from the rooftops, and soon my name will be shouted in the streets and my books will fly from the shelves quicker than anybody believed possible. Yes… oh good god, I am just so awesome.

If you are still reading this post, then thank you. That bit above is a pile of steaming (Insert animal of choice) shit isn’t it. Yet, why is it that the more I looked around online, the more I find that people are doing exactly what I have outlined above?

I don’t get it, I mean are people really that desperate to read a good review that they will fabricate one themselves? Surely that speaks volumes about the confidence they have in their own writing, and should be an indicator to the author that maybe, the book wasn’t ready.

In the last week I have read not one, nor two, but three articles involving different people each time, who have been trapped posting glowing reviews of their own work under different aliases across a number of forums. Is this a growing trend that we should all be aware of? Or is it rather something that has always been there, but is now being shown under a spotlight in order to remove it from the playing field?

I for one could not do it. I just don’t think I have it in me to create something so blatantly false. I would feel too guilty.

What do you think?

What should be done with these writers? Should they be named and shamed? Prosecuted in some way, surely it is an electronic form of fraud or mis-representation? I don’t know. All I am certain of is that Independent and small press writers (all writers when viewed on a larger scale) have a hard enough time making their name, climbing the ladder to a place where their books are searched for and not stumbled across.

The world of publishing is changing, and the pendulum will not stay with the Indies forever, we will need to work and hard keep evolving in order to stay in the game, and it is idiotic things like the above, posting your own reviews, or creating social media accounts to do nothing but talk about how amazingly talented you are, is not going to help us improve.

4 thoughts on “I Am Awesome

  1. I think I read something about this on Indies Unlimited recently. In a sense I’m not surprised. I don’t spend much time on Twitter but every time I do I’m amazed at the number of authors tweeting the same thing, over and over again, about how brilliant a book is but then I realise that they’re spruicking their own book. I mean fair enough, you have to tell the world that your book exists but calling your own book the best thing since sliced bread is kinda over the top.

    So if that is accepted as normal then it’s a small step to making the ‘I’m so brilliant’ sound more believable by faking another id. -shrug-

    It’s sad, and as you pointed out, it’s not doing us indies any favours in the reputation department. I know I’m getting to the point where I refuse to buy anything written by these salesmen simply because I hate a hard sell. I wish I knew what the alternative is apart from living long enough to become known the ‘natural way’.

    1. True Andrea, we live in a world where self promotion has become a must, and as you say, the lines can easily be blurred, especially with those that have a slightly less than true moral compass.

  2. I don’t think legal prosecution is necessary, but they should be called out publicly about it. Don’t these people know that eventually they are going to be caught doing this and it will make them look like a psycho? LOL

    1. Very true LauraLynn, The person I mention in my other post, who actually got caught is under investigation by his publisher / agent and has been dropped from a few conventions and things and has been replaced by the very person he was targeting with fake negative reviews. Justice you might say. Thanks a lot for dropping by.

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