I Am Still Awesome… You Are Not

To continue from my previous post, and to highlight something that has also since come to light during my early morning wandering through the informative Google mountains, I just wanted to say that I am still awesome, but to prove my point, I will show how you are not.

Once again, thank you for reading that sentence and sticking with me. It’s bollocks right!! I know… it is , you can say it.

To go one step beyond leaving fake positive reviews of your own work, which is bad enough, I have discovered that professional authors are even posting negative reviews of their colleagues work, in order to boost their own reputation. Can you believe it.

Now, I am not naive enough to believe that this sort of thing didn’t happen, but I always thought that the people who left such terrible reviews for no reason at all were just people out to cause trouble. People who didn’t care and had no idea of, or involvement in the writing process.

How wrong could I be.

This month I read about how a famous Crime author (let’s call him E.L. Ory) has been caught and admitted to posting not only positive reviews of his own work, but also negative reviews of his competitors.

The writer in question had two false accounts and would go through amazon leaving awful 1 star reviews of other crime / thriller fiction, and then posting 5 star, over the top with praise reviews of his own. The word ‘masterpiece’ was a common feature.

Now, this isn’t just some little unknown author we are talking about, but one of the genres mainstream names.

It makes you think that if this happens at the top of the ladder, what on earth is going on in the gloomy depths were we all must begin. It is already a dog fight to get ahead, and with this sort of backstabbing behaviour filtering down, you have to ask… where will it end.


9 thoughts on “I Am Still Awesome… You Are Not

  1. It just goes to show you some people will do anything, to make themselves look better, for money and power. It doesn’t surprise me at all but it still makes me sick.

  2. You know in the olden days when stigma still had meaning, people would be sent into coventry for their social ‘crimes’. No-one would talk to them. I wish we could do something similar with these jerks. Black list them somehow. Because one thing’s for sure if we indies don’t establish some standards for ourselves someone else is eventually going to come along and do it for us.

    1. Ah yes, Coventry is a rather lonely city these days. Somewhat of a ghost town you may say. I do think we should relay the train tracks and re-pave the roads and get business booming once more in this wonderful city of the souless. LOL

  3. I’ve know for a long time that the probability of authors leaving negative reviews for other authors was high. Sometimes, you can tell by the review itself that it may be under suspicion. This is one of the most unethical things I can imagine for an author to do. I’m the opposite. If I don’t like a book, I don’t leave a bad review. I just don’t leave a review at all. I’m nice like that. Ha ha.

    1. I think it helps that with ebooks, people do not place as much pressure on reviews as they once did. They read them, but understand that a negative review or a low score does not necessarily mean a bad book. The lower cost of ebooks, especially in the indie market mean taking a chance on a book is much easier and less of an expense than before. Once the real reviews start coming in then the fakes will easily be spotted in the crowd.

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