Review: Zomblog

Zomblog by T.W. Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have read a fair bit of zombie fiction this year, but Zomblog is by far the best piece I have ever encountered. The writing is of such a high caliber, that you are drawn into the tale from the very first word, and come the end you are gasping and tired, just like the characters you have lived, loved and died with. Just like the ones that remain, you too are screaming for more, for you do not want this adventure to ever end.
T.W. Brown has created a rich world were the zombies have become the least of the problem.

One thing you often find in Zombie fiction is that the zombies are the bad buys, but in Zomblog we are brought to a new level of understanding when we are forced to imagine what would happen to mankind. When the rules of society are taken away, what sort of beasts will we become? One thing is for sure, the Zombies are certainly not the worst thing out there.

In addition to being a genre novel, you could easily say that Zomblog is a social commentary on the world as it currently stands. With the flaws of modern society highlighted by their removal from the lives of those that survive, and strive to succeed.

One great line said that, if the world falls apart, and we put all the pieces back together again, we have missed a golden chance to reshape the world into a better place.

I cannot wait to start reading the second installment of this series, and thoroughly recommend this book to everybody who loves a good read. Zombie fan or not, this book will hold you in its spell and leave you begging for more.

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