The Basics of a Horror Diet: Blood, Guts, Zombies and Clowns

As  a horror writer, it should be of no surprise that when I look at the stats on WordPress I will see certain horror themed search times pointing to my blog.
I have written more than enough posts with horror themes and horror themed tags to warrant this. However, the one thing I did not expect was the impact one little clown could have on my site.

Don’t get me wrong, clowns are a freaking creepy, but in this instance, I am not talking about a clown like Chuckles and Myrtle here…

but rather a clown of much more… colorful persuasion. By colorful I mean, bright colors and shapes rather than crude language and innuendo.

The clown I am talking about is the character in a popular Belgian Kids show called Bumba.

This chubby yellow fellow has been responsible for quite some traffic to my blog.  I find this amusing in many ways, not just because of my more standard subject matter,  but also because… well, let’s face it, the internet is a huge place, and for small Belgian clown be in such high demand just tickles me.

Yet, what astounds me more than the hits the post has got, but rather the search terms that have directed people to it. If I look back through the history of my blog, Bumba, or Bumba related search terms occupy 25% of the Top Twenty. I find it staggering. I mean,  the traffic it has generated is small, most of my hits don’t come from direct search engine results, but still it makes me wonder what it is about that little clown that people cannot resist (Oddly enough that was the title of the original post about him,)

I mean when I wrote it, I was nothing more than a little bit of fun. My kids were all crazy about the show and I thought, well why not. I believe it was in the first month of having the blog that I wrote it. .

How many of you have had posts like that surprise you? I would love to hear your most surprising popular posts.

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