Our Darkest Fears

Today I bring you a special guest who wants to scare the pants off you this Halloween.  I will stand aside from my duties on the Hoosier Horror Blog Hop to welcome my special guest, Tonia Brown…


Halloween Memories

From Tonia Brown

Hello there! My name is Tonia Brown and I am the author of several novels ranging from humor to horror to steampunk. My latest novel, Sundowners, just hit the interwebs. It’s a backwoods southern horror, all about the importance of family, the dangers of gossip and the nature of the artistic muse.

Halloween has always been a special time for my twin sister and me. Heck, the whole month of October all but belongs to us. Our friends, our employers and both of our husbands know better than to schedule anything for us during October without asking first. Aside from the fact that our birthday falls in…

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