I love to Stumble

It is the weekend, I have a semi=sleeping baby in my arms and an a daughter tickling my feet so I will be brief. Nobody likes a bit serious post on a Saturday morning.

This past week, I have discovered the joy of stumbling. I don’t mean drunken ramblings after one too many down at the local ale house, but rather StumbleUpon.


I am sure to be one of the last people – as I always am with websites and all things technology related – to discover this sire, and I am almost positive you know of this great place, but I have to say it. StumbleUpon RocksThe premise is simple, or at least, my understand of it is simple. You set some ‘interests’ such as Sport, or Horror Movies, and then you click the Stumble button. The site then searches its database and gives you a random page that is tagged as belonging to your interest. You find some truly amazing stuff, and also some incredibly random things that remind you that the internet can be fun.

Have you all found StumbleUpon already? I hope so, but if not, you have to check it out, but be warned it is mildly addictive.


10 thoughts on “I love to Stumble

  1. “Nobody stumbles that badly” – ha ha I love it! I have so far resisted this website because I daren’t become addicted to yet more social media… then again, perhaps it is time to join the stumbling revolution… ; )

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