NaNoWriMo or NoNoWriMo: To Write in November

Two years ago I joined the NaNo community and I managed to meet the goals it set. Last year I skipped it because I was busy working on another project. This time around, I am without a current project and the time span for NaNo would be the perfect amount of breathing room to give my novel before editing starts.

The question I keep asking myself though, is should I try. I mean I have 2 more kids this time around than last, I have a more demanding job, and in general quite a busy life. To find tim to sit down and write 2000 words a day (I like to take Sunday’s off) could be rather difficult.

I have the story idea, and I will spend the next weeks looking into it, trying to determine if it really is a 50k story or not. At this point in time, I am not sure, but it is only the very bare bones form at the moment.

But tell me, are you planning on joining NaNo this year?

What is it about this ‘competition’ for lack of a better word at this rather decaffeinated hour, that drives people on? Ok, we are all writers, and any excuse to write will get out attention, but NaNo surpasses that. It is a global event, and somewhat epic within the right circles. I think it is great fun, an excuse to really sit down and challenge yourself. In essence you get to spend one month, working (and possibly living) like a pro – full-time writer – and for people like me who work a full-time job, it is a little slice of heaven.

Even while writing this short post, I have as good as convinced myself to give it a go, so I am off to sign up and start planning.

I hope to see you there, because whatever happens, it is as good as guaranteed to be one heck of a good ride.


12 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo or NoNoWriMo: To Write in November

  1. I’m so glad Alex and Alexa! This will only be my second nano but I’m looking forward to having quite a few friends slaving beside me this time! I have projects I should be working on as well but… sometimes you need to give your brain something completely different to gnaw on. I stumbled on my novel idea two days ago and I’ve been jotting down notes ever since. I’m really excited. 😀

      1. I just love the idea that for one month we can write any crazy thing we want and worry about it making sense afterwards. 🙂

  2. I’ve been reluctant over the last couple of months with all the editing we’ve been doing. Until a couple of days ago I had it set at an emphatic ‘NO!” Now I’m signed up and ready to go. I just have to select the idea I’m going to work on. lol

  3. It’s funny how things can change like that. I was the other way around, I had an idea in my head for months, but when I came to think about it, and if I could spread it for 50k, I started to doubt. I’m gonna plan this weekend, but I have enough other ideas to get me through November without too much trouble.

  4. I am doing it! My second attempt this year, and I did complete NaNo 2011 so I am raring to go again! This year my story idea is very vague and I have no idea where it’s going so fun and games for me! It will be great to see you all there x

  5. This will be my third NaNo. Each year, my muse — her name is Monique by the way — comes to me in October with a great story. We begin writing, then after about 10K words, she gets bored and wanders off to haunt the cats.

    1. Monique sounds like a bit of a tease. My muse is rather coy she leaves me messages after dark, when my back is turned. Often thy are dead bodies wrapped up in the papers that detail the story. Looking forward to hearing about your progress Rob.

  6. What else are we going to do in November? 😛

    Your reasons for trepidation are good but I’m glad you convinced yourself to give it a go. NaNo always makes November fun and interesting no matter what else is going on.

    1. Thanks Tom, I hope it will work out well. Just need to juggle it around the day job, and 4 kids, including 1 newborn. It’ll be a bit tough, but I’m always up for a challenge… or is it a glutton for punishment… I forget LOL

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