Review: Zomblog II

Zomblog II
Zomblog II by T.W. Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Zomblog II follows off nicely from the ending of Zomblog. We are reunited with Meredith and friends, and continue to share in their adventures as they journey across the country.

The thing that sets this novel (and its predecessor) apart from the standard Zombie fare, is now that the zombies have arrived, they are no longer the only threat.

After more than a year on the run, dodging the undead, small communities have been formed. Armored fortresses offer sanctuary to many. We visit several of these places during the book, but Meredith cannot seem to bring herself to settle. She always moves on, something leaving her friends behind, but often taking new ones with her.

Where there are the roots of civilization, there are two forks that said group could take. Good and bad, and it is this horror that Todd Brown once again captures with masterful ease. While dodging the slow, lumbering undead may sound daunting, avoiding the roving bands of lunatics intent on using all women as their personal sex slaves, and crucifying anybody else that is left alive after their murderous blood train has rolled through is a completely different story. The Genesis Brotherhood are the real villain of this novel, and while there is plenty of zombie slaying action to sate even the most ardent genre readers, this second installment in the Zomblog series asks some interesting questions about humanity.

There was one particular scene that chilled my blood, but I won’t give it away for any clue would spoil the impact just a little.

I highly recommend this novel, but you must read the first installment of the series, for it is not meant to be read as a standalone book. There are a lot of little references to the previous books, and given that the man who started the Zomblog died in book one, it is certainly beneficial to get to know him first.

I cannot wait to start book III in the series.

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