Leatherface Through the Years

Today I want to take a closer look at Leatherface and see how, over last 38 years he has changed.  I mean let’s face it, if you are the only horror villain to never die, in 6 movies, then you have to be doing something right.

Leatherface 1974

Maybe it is just me, but I still think the original Leatherface is the best. There is something about the mask that is better than the others. It is simplistic, basic even, and that fits with the character.

Leatherface 1986

This version is definitely a little more hardcore, the mask has been repaired, or maybe, it is a new one, with the skin of the original victims. Will they get a name in the credits I wonder?

Leatherface 1990

I don’t know, but the hair this time around just doesn’t sit well with me. I would still take the original Leatherface. Ironically my placement has followed the movies in number order. Another thing is the extra bulk in the character. He has been eating a few too many Long-pig pies for my liking. At least he has a new and sparkly chainsaw.

Leatherface 1994

There is something sinister, and I mean utterly diabolic about this Leatherface. Especially the shot above, in the rain. It makes me think of the joker, and I don’t like that. The mask is a step back to the simpler version of the original, but it is not enough to salvage this version.

Leatherface 2003

Now we are into remake territory, and everything is bigger. Better? Not really, but it is a damn enjoyable movie. I liked it, no matter what others say. Nothing beats the original… ever, but this is one of the better remakes. The chainsaw is awesome and Leatherface is a beast. The mask is well done, and creepy enough to place this as my second favorite version.

Leatherface 2006

In the beginning there was no mask. In this installment we see Mr. Face in his naked (facially then) glory. I enjoyed this movie also, and think it adds a nice level to the Chainsaw Saga. Once again. The unfinished mask is a nice touch to a movie that has an unfinished, unrefined killer on the loose.

7 thoughts on “Leatherface Through the Years

    1. The 2003 version was definitely a decent film, and in my opinion one of the best remakes I have seen. It doesn’t beet the original, but then again, I don’t think it tries to, and that makes a big difference. A lot of remakes are trying to out do the original one, this movie not, it is just a movie.

  1. I think the 1974 original (Movie, mask) was the best full ways! The entire film was sadistic, moist, insane! Atmosphere was completly disturbing, all new movie have really a “girly” taste.

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