Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Well, the car went in for its annual service (MOT / APK) call it what you will, it is a painful, tortuous experience akin to a visit to the proctologist! (Side Note: I have never actually been to a proctologist)

The results came back around mid morning yesterday, and were… shall we say, less the great.

The mechanic reeled off a number of items, many of which I had not expected. He said the hand brake was not trustworthy, which is strange because I use it all the time and have never once had a problem with it. Also, it is an automatic, so you don’t really need to use it that often. So untrustworthy is a rather vague statement, but ok.

The wiring to one of the brake lights was also faulty he claimed, but then the lights work without issue, so not sure how that can be. As he reeled off the list, I understood the price would be an unhappy one. He claims between 550 and 650 Euros, which means at least 700 I daresay, and then I have to add BTW (Dutch tax) onto that, and this delightful little percentage has just risen to 21%. The Dutch proctologists have cold hands if you know what I mean.

So there it is, I have to add-on around 150 extra to the price, and will effectively wipe my bank account clean until payday. That is savings account, ever single liquid asset I have (besides the car that is) will be used to pay for it. I love my car, I need it, and cannot afford another one, especially one with 7 seats, so I don’t mind paying for it. With kids, the car needs to be road safe, but it is still a very unpleasant experience.

It is 12 years old now, and I have had it 2 years, and both years I have had a similar price in repairs. What will happen in 12 months time I cannot say, but hopefully, by the time it rolls around I will have some books sales and royalties that can at least be put to use paying for some of it.

As for the Planes and trains…

I work in the aviation industry for a company that offers software and services for leasing corporations that monitor their contracts, Maintenance, assets and utilisation, facilitates involving and accounting principles, (I know, I know, what a sales pitch).

Trains, well… who doesn’t like riding the train.


2 thoughts on “Planes, Trains and Automobiles

  1. I feel your pain, Alex! My last two cars ended up costing so much on each MOT that we just could not keep them. Fortunately my husband’s car is holding out well so far… we are impressed with Skoda!

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