A great post about female Halloween costume ideas.I just had to share this with everyone

Craft Fear

Now I’m not saying that everyone will know what you are, but if you’re a true horror fan, Halloween is your time and a time you can stand proudly for who you are! Now, dudes have a lot of options for horror themed Halloween costumes–Jason, Michael, Freddy, Leatherface, Hannibal Lecter, and those are all just off the top of my head! Of course, any woman could choose to go as any of the above, but sometimes you don’t want to be completely incognito at a friend’s Halloween bash, and for whatever reason you still might want to look a bit girly. You might have some ulterior motives. I don’t judge.

All you ladies who do not just want to dress as Bella or a Sexy Mouse have to think a little more creatively–especially if you want to pay tribute to your favorite genre. Sure, you could be a zombie, vampire…

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