Movie Review: The Woman In Black

It is not often that I write a review about the movies I watch. Partly because I don’t watch as many as I used to, and partly because… well, I don’t know what I am doing.

However, last night I sat down with my wife to watch The Woman in Black with Harry Potter… Daniel Radcliffe and I just had to say something.

As I said, I am no reviewer, if you want a good, well written review check out my buddy John Mountain, he knows his stuff, especially horror.

I will start this ‘review’ by saying I loved this movie. I was concerned initially that I would not be able to see Daniel as anything but the cunning little wizard that he is. Throw in the opening scene (one of the opening scenes) being of a long train journey and you can understand my trepidation. That was however, where fears ended. Daniel carried over the character perfectly, and put in what I consider a performance far stronger than his HP attempts.

I love horror, horror movies, horror stories, horror art, you name it, i love it. As such a fan, my heart aches at the sudden need for blood and gore. Sure, sometimes it is needed, and some films or plots work well like that, but saturation over substance is weak. It was refreshing therefore to see this movie, where… and correct me if I am wrong, only one mouthful of blood was spilled. In place of gore was well staged scenes, chilling music, and eerie locations. Combined with a strong storyline and sterling performances from not only Daniel, but from the entire cast.

I love ghost stories for several reasons, the largest of them being, I like to believe in that supernatural side of life, and a well made film will creep me out for days. Call me strange but I like that. This film, along with Insidious (from the great and under appreciated John Wan) are t that nicely fit into the creepy category. This more so than Insidious, the ending of which I felt a little disappointed by.

The scares in this movie were well times and spaced throughout the run time, and, much like the hand at the end of Carrie, even when you saw them coming, they did not disappoint.

The only weaknesses in the film were the strange ‘possession’ sub plot. Why, how, none of the other kids did that. The other was the attic. The film starts there, and when Radcliffe is placed in there as his lodgings, you expected something to happen with it, but no.

I will certainly be adding this film to my ‘wishful thinking’ Blu-ray list. I would rate it a solid 3.5 -4 out of 5 stars, skulls, eyeballs, piles of entrails… quantify it how you will.

Ciarán Hinds

Liz White

and The KIDS!!

6 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Woman In Black

  1. I enjoyed this one, also; despite the fact that there were three teenage girls running up and down the stairs next to my seat every 5-10 minutes. This was directed by James Watkins, who before that had directed the excellent and frightening Eden Lake with Michael Fassbender. Great post and thanks for the shout out. My head is larger already 🙂

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