REBLOG: 5 Best Selling Novels We’ve Forgotten

A wonderful article on the best books that we have sadly left to gather dust on shelves around the world.

Writing Is Hard Work

I have been accused, on occasion, of lamenting the success of Twilight.  Why shouldn’t I?  It reads like a poorly scripted soap opera, it’s characters are shallow at best and it has no lasting value in regards to the human condition…and aren’t we already tired of seeing vampire books?  Most publishing houses are currently using a push broom to sweep away the billions of submissions by Twilight fans who want to write their own sappy supernatural melodrama or by writers jumping on the vampiric bandwagon.  The truth is (as history shows) this vampire fiction fad, like all fads, will die down in time.  Currently the dystopian future books are flying off the shelves because of the success of the Hunger Games trilogy, but eventually that will die down as well when some new best seller takes the public by storm.

But what will happen to these novels when their…

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One thought on “REBLOG: 5 Best Selling Novels We’ve Forgotten

  1. I only really know the first two because they’re so commonly on the shelves of charity shops (which attests to their original popularity I suppose). I think Hunger Games has a chance of longevity mainly as it seems likely to end up in English curricula (like Animal Farm and The Handmaid’s Tale – both of which would probably also have vanished). I hear Rowlings’ new book has been pretty brutally panned. Hopefully that won’t deter her.

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