The Places I Would Write.

It is very much Autumn outside now. The trees were late heading into the season this year, but there can be no dispute anymore. The world is awash with colour. Blue skies and sun can be seen, but so can cold winds and grey skies.

I love this time of year, from walking through the woods with the kids, and sitting indoors on those rainy days. There is something about the season that just lights up my soul.

With NaNo coming up just around the corner, I have been thinking about my writing schedule a lot. With the kids, it can be hard to find time to write, I have been sitting here for the last thirty minutes (and it is only 05.45 now) with a sleeping baby in one arm. The day-job really hampers me, as it does for everybody who has to work one to survive. You lose so much quality writing time just (in my case) sitting behind a desk drawing doodles with the puddle of brain that has dribble out of your ears.

This then got me thinking about if I was a full-time writer. Where would I write? I have no…. writers cave, or secret hideaway that I can retreat to. My writing is done on the sofa in the living room on my company laptop, or in the corner of the same room, on a half busted computer and an uncomfortable chair.

I would need a place to escape to, somewhere nearby, and I was surprised to find that I came up with a list.

  • The Library

The Library is a classic choice, and with the silence that it offers, a great place for me to go when I really need to really knuckle down and concentrate. Maybe for those damned edits that never seem to do themselves, no matter how long you ignore them..

  • The Cemetery

Ok, maybe I am just a freak who is beyond help, but there is a large cemetery across the road from my house, and on those nice warm, I imagine early spring of Autumn (as my love for this season has been confirmed already) days, sitting on one of the benches that have been placed in the grounds, writing on my laptop. I don’t know there is just something peaceful about it, that beats the quiet of a library… I should have put this last so as not to scare you away.

  • In the park overlooking the Rhine

The town I live in is effective cut in half but the Rhine, it feeds into the Ocean here. There is a lovely stretch of park that follows the river, and many places to sit and enjoy the view. This is another place that I could quite happily sit at. I see this more on those cold days, a hat, scarf, cup of coffee in one hand and a the laptop, or maybe, for this location, pen and paper is best. Notes, and plotting done by the riverside.

  • In the Dunes

I am also surrounded by miles and miles of Sand Dunes. I used to bike through them to get to work, at my previous job. It was wonderful. The scenery, the wildlife, and once again… the tranquility of it all. Another level apart from the library and the cemetery, there was something about being out in nature that just never failed to get me feeling inspired.

  • Coffee shops,

Let’s face it, they are classics for a reason. Whether it be the hustle and bustle, the never-ending stream of character and real life observations that can be made, or simply the constant supply of coffee. That magical elixir that sees us through our writing session and so much more. There are not many coffee shops in my town, but there is one place in particular that I think would make a very nice writing zone.

  • On the beach, in one of the cafe’s that line the sand.

Along with the Rhine, and the dunes, I live a stones through away from the beach, and alone this sandy shore, there are, at certain times of the year, beach cafe’s erected and opened. Terraces with both indoor and outdoor seating. Some are themed, and some are rather tame, but each one offers a great place to sit and once again some lovely views of the beach, the ocean. Sun sets on my section of the sea, and the evening can bring around some truly magical views.

I guess, if ever I am lucky enough to quite the day-job, I have more than enough places to keep me writing, and hidden away from the world. Who knows, maybe I can even save up enough money to turn my shed into the writing Den I so desperately want and have pictured in my mind already.

What about all of you? Where are your favorite places to write?


16 thoughts on “The Places I Would Write.

  1. I’m lucky enough to have a tiny office that I share with the cats and dog. Sometimes I have to work with a cat on my lap but they’re learning not to wriggle. 😉

  2. A cemetery sounds good… I favour pubs over coffee shops; they’re quieter and have less of that flow of humans (the opposite of why you like them!) the BrewDog pub and the Canalhouse (in Nottingham) are good scribbling holes, as is the Lee Rosy tea shop. I’m very fond of writing on trains – I like that I can’t really do anything else in that time, though it does mean I don’t want to get off at the destination.

    1. A pub would also be nice, although the pubs in Holland are different to the UK. Trains would be a nice place, but as you say the danger of missing… ignoring your stop is quite high.

  3. So far I have never tried writing anywhere other than in my dining room (which is open to the living room and front door as well), mainly because I rarely find time to sit for more than an hour except in the evenings. But, my ideal writing place would be my own personal library where I can shut the door on all those family distractions and simply write. In the future I intend to have such a room when we can afford to move house. For now I will manage as I am, and maybe when my daughter goes to nursery I will try out the local coffee shop. Actually, I also like your cemetary idea Alex!

    1. I have a two story shed in my garden, kind of a summer house, but it is in a terrible state of disrepair. Once I have some money I will do it up and make the downstairs a washroom and the upper floor my own personal writing den. Although I think I will always have a few ‘outside’ places I can escape to when needed.

      1. Ah that sounds like a dream! The other day while out for a walk, I was idly planning to turn a narrow-boat into a writer’s retreat. We could eventually buy a house that backs onto the canal and has its own mooring space, and then I could buy my own boat to park up there. While the kids are at school I can disappear and work my magic… (this is several years into the future you understand, after I have made my millions with the Redcliffe novels!)

    2. well of course. 🙂 I had the nice realization today that there are no other real horror writers in the netherlands, so that automatically makes me number 1. That’s going right on the front cover. Holland’s premier horror writer. haha

  4. We bounce from a couple of places to write. For whatever reason we’re more productive in a Starbucks or Panera Bread. I do like the library though, at least before 1000. Then it’s like someone kicked over a bee hive. lol

      1. True. I’ve gotten in the habit of listening to music to help keep me focused. if it doesn’t connect to my muse or the story it’s a long day. lol

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking Eden. I am surprised at how many people like the idea, I thought I would be alone on that one. It makes me feel so much better having such great company. lol

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