Scream Queens of the 1940’s

Anne Gwynne

One of the original Scream Queens, Anne Gwynne was the face of the 1940. Born in 1918 she most notable appeared in Weird Women and the House of Frankenstein, having garnered quite the reputation for her performance in the 1940 Flash Gordon series appearing in Chapters 2, and then 6-12.

Anne was widowed in 1965 and passed away in 2003. Anne had two children and in grandmother to among others, the current Captain James T. Kirk (Actor Chris Pine)

Simone Simon

French beauty Simone Simon is arguably one of the most iconic scream queens of any era, let along the 1940’s. Her role in Cat People will forever be remembered as a performance of legend. Famous off screen for her string of lovers and affairs, she most notable had a relationship with MI5 spy Dusko Popov, which resulted in her being under FBI surveillance while filming Cat People. She never married and passed away in 2005.

Evelyn Ankers

Born in Chile to English parents, Ankers was titled Queen of the Screamers thanks to her wonderful.. vocal talent. The figurehead of many Universal horror movies during the 1940’s Ankers was often cast beside the iconic Lon Chaney Jr. in such films as The Wolfman, Son of Dracula and the Ghost of Frankenstein.

Ankers married ‘B ‘movie star Richard Denning in 1942, but the couple never had children. Ankers passed far early, succumbing to ovarian cancer just after she turned 67.


4 thoughts on “Scream Queens of the 1940’s

    1. Most definitely, I am also quite taken by the opening photo of Anne. It was a different sort of beauty back then. A more natural beauty. Stunning women from an age that the world has sadly left behind. *Sigh*

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