Allow me to Introduce: TW Brown

Today it is my pleasure to hand my blog over to a man who is not only a talented writer, but a friend. TW Brown is a master of horror genre, and will twist your understand of the Zombie Apocalypse upside down with his staggeringly epic Zomblog Series.

Todd is stopping by the promote his newest entry in the series. Zomblog: Snoe. Come back tomorrow for an exlcusive preview of the novel, but in the mean time, let’s take a moment and get better acquainted with the one and only… TW Brown.

From one horror writer to another, I simply must ask….

1.    What is your favorite scary movie.

I do know that there is one movie that is embedded into my brain that still scares me after all these years—The Exorcist. I snuck in to see that movie in the theater when I was 6 or 7 years old and it has left a mark. However, my favorite horror movie is the original Dawn of the Dead.

2.    If you could be any character in fiction, whom would you be?

Hands down, Stu Redman from The Stand.

 When I was younger I got kicked out of my English class for using this classic excuse. The only thing was for me it was true.

3.    Has the dog ever eaten your manuscript?

Nope. But my bulldog did eat my textbook once.

4.    What do you consider your biggest failure?

Easily it would have to be me as a man from about age 22-35. I was a self-centered ass who cared little about those around him and stepped through anybody who got in the way. I was a terrible husband (with 3 ex-wives to prove it) and worse father. If I hadn’t finally come to grips with the fact that most of the problems in my life were caused by my own actions, I might not be here today.

5.    Do you laugh at your own jokes?

Hell yes. They’re funny.

6.    What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I have wanted to be a writer since I was about ten years old. Up until that point, I wanted to be a soldier in outer space.

7.    How do you react to a bad review of one of your books?

I won’t lie and say it doesn’t sting. Still, I do accept that it is one person’s opinion. I have reached the point where my reviews are now coming from total strangers and so I am getting the untainted versions of what people think. One of my jobs at May December Publications is to select the stories for our anthologies. I purposely have all the author information stripped so that I make an unbiased opinion. I have stories that are my favorites, and then there are a few that just make it in based on the score. When I read a review that goes ga-ga over what was basically a borderline story, it reminds me that taste is very subjective.

8.    What’s the most blatant lie you’ve ever told?

I promise I’ll call you tomorrow, baby.

9.    What is the biggest sacrifice you have made for your writing?

Time. People do not realize how much of your life it takes up when you write. There are a lot of things that you can do where you can include others…writing is not one of them.

10.    What is it about Zombies that so inspires you?

They are a global reset button. I think, as we get older, we all have things we wish we’d done different. Sometimes we wish we could go someplace and just recreate ourselves. The zombie apocalypse is the ultimate do-over.

11.    I am currently reading the Zomblog Series. When you sat down to write it, did you have any idea how vast the world would become?

None. When I initially sat down, Zomblog was simply my own exercise to get my brain primed for the DEAD series. Even when we did our initial experiment with KDP, it was with Zomblog because we didn’t expect much. When it gave away 10,000 copies that weekend with no announcements or hype…I was floored. The fact that the fans of that series are so passionate about it is just so overwhelming. I have never denied that I want the DEAD series to be what I am known for, but I will always owe whatever happens to me and my writing career to Zomblog.

12.    Zomblog: Snoe is set Twenty years after the first two novels. Can you give us any hints as to what has happened to the world?

Infrastructure deterioration has turned everything into cryptic monuments. Zombies have become a manageable obstacle and now, it is a wild and untamed world waiting to see who rises to power. I will say that a face from the past rears its head.

13.    What is the most creative way you have come up with to kill a Zombie?

I guess I don’t give it much thought. I have always seen the zombie as a piece of the scenery. For me, I get more wrapped up in the lives of the people. Maybe I should pay closer attention.

14.    I am a huge Stephen King fan. Who is your favorite Author and what one of their stories sticks in your mind the most?

All the way through It, I would say King was my number one. He lost his luster for me after that. The Stand is my favorite book of all time. If I had to choose an author now, it would be Kim Harrison. And she seems to just be getting better. Toss in George R.R. Martin because his “Game of Thrones” is absolutely epic, I just hope he finishes the series some day.

15.    What books have most influenced your life most?

The Stand above all others, the Harold Lauder story arc alone is a story in itself. That is the first book I ever read and thought, “I want to do something this big.” Beyond that The Game of Thrones by Martin renewed my belief that you can knock off a few major characters if you want to get your readers fully immersed in your world. It gets real for the reader as soon as they realize that there are no “safe” characters.

16.    Was there ever a time in your life when you were truly scared?

Besides that first viewing of The Exorcist? I would say the day my son’s mother had a seizure and almost died in my arms. We found out later that there can sometimes be dangerous side-effects to a complicated birth. A week after my son Cody was born, she had a massive seizure one night right after I got home from work. I was in the shower when she collapsed on the floor and started crying how she couldn’t see. Some of the after-effects of that was a loss of memory…including our first date and for a while, she couldn’t remember me or Cody.

Now for something completely different.

 17.    What is your favorite color

A dark forest green.

 18.    What is your favorite word?


 19.    What’s your favorite fruit?




TW Brown is the author of the Zomblog series and the Dead series.   He is deeply immersed in pursuing his dream of being a “full-time” writer while trying to balance the duties of husband, father, friend, and Border Collie owner. He keeps busy reading and editing the numerous submissions for a variety of upcoming anthologies and full-length titles for May December Publications.  He has had short stories published by Pill Hill Press, Living Dead Press, and others.

Tucked away in the Pacific Northwest with my wife Denise, a Border Collie named Aoife, a guitar collection, and an increasing number of aquariums sporting a variety of fish (cichlids are my new favorites), I live for football season when I can cheer on the Oregon Ducks and be disappointed by my Seattle Seahawks once again. I am a fan of Cookie Monster, KISS, and Dr. Who (along with most things British).

His blog can be found at:

You can contact him at:

You can follow him on twitter @maydecpub and on Facebook under Todd Brown, Author TW Brown, and also under May December Publications.

Book Links:



Todd’s new novel Zomblog: Snoe available as of October 31st, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for it.

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7 thoughts on “Allow me to Introduce: TW Brown

  1. What’s the most blatant lie you’ve ever told?

    I told a girl that I had a brain cloud and had 3 months to live in order to get laid. My wife still shakes her head at me every time she hears about it. Great interview, Alex; makes me want to seek out more potential victims for my own interviews. Maybe I’ll tell them I have a brain cloud.

    1. LOL, that is a good one. Once myself, I used a ‘Death in the Family’ to avoid having to go to a works meeting / function that I couldn’t be bothered to do to. I should be ashamed of myself… oh well. 🙂 I’m glad you liked the interview, I have fun doing them.

    2. And if you are curious…Zomblog will be free on Amazon on Halloween to mark the release of the 4th book in the series, Zomblog: Snoe.

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