I am very much a Stephon King style writer. The outline I need are the margins on the page. Anything else and the writing becomes forced and loses all of its natural flow.

Writing Is Hard Work

There may be many of you who write like Stephen King, who have a general idea where you are going with your novel but have decided to “wing it” every day during the NaNoWriMo, relying on your instincts to get you through this massive project.  If you are able to do this, and be consistent with it, my writer’s cap is off in your honor.

However, if you are like most writers you need a plan.  If you have not discovered a method to “winging it” every day, then you need a dedicated outline.  I usually start by writing down ideas on a yellow legal pad, mapping out character interaction, planning out the novel by at least giving it a skeleton.  If you have not outlined before starting NaNoWriMo it will be ten times more difficult to write the novel this month than if you did.

If you did not…

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  1. I don’t outline either but before the start of nano I did jot down a whole heap of story, relationship and background ideas so I wouldn’t forget them. I haven’t actually referred to those notes as yet because the ideas are gushing. Maybe just thinking about the story is enough to make things happen. At this point I have absolutely no idea how the story will end and I’m happy that I don’t. The world and the people in it will provide all the direction I need. How’s it going btw?

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