Blog Jitters…

It has been a while since I posted anything on here. I have not been neglecting my blog, but rather, took a planned hiatus. It has actually served several purposes; One was pleasing, one was frustrating and the other a pain in the ass. In other words a full spectrum of experiences have been had during my time away.

Yet, despite this absence being planned, I still feel guilty at not having posted anything.

So, what is it that has been keeping me so busy

1) NaNo

I started NaNo this year with no plan, no story and no clue as to where one would come from. I took a couple of ideas I had been playing with, combined them and for a while, it looked as though everything was going good. Then, somewhere along the way, everything went to shit, and I just found myself forcing words on a project that not only did I not care about, but was absolute bullshit for the most part. Needless to say, I scrapped it, and retired from NaNo. This retirement is also linked to the second item…

2′ Freelance Work

I have had to take on a load, (around 50k words) of freelance work simply in order to have enough money to make it to the end of the year. This has then in turn taken a lot of my…. now… ALL of my time. It saddens me as I don’t really enjoy the freelance stuff; website articles and content, and especially the topics it covers, but it is money in the bank and that is what I need. For a while I was doing NaNo, I was over 2000 words a day on that for a while, and then writing 1500 a day for the freelancing, but it just became too much, what with the office job kicking my ass, a vindictive manager that wants to force me out of the company, and the kids, who of course, I give my attention to when I am at home.

3) Stats

I am sure that many of my regular readers will know, I love stats, blog stats in particular, and knowing that I would not be posting this month, I wanted to check and see how my stats would compare. My returning visitors and or ‘searchability’.  To my surprise, I have been averaging close to 50 hits a day without posting anything. Granted I have several seasonal posts that I expected to get a lot of hits this month, but still I am happy that I have no been forgotten.

All in all, I have been running around like a blue arsed fly and cannot help but feel lost. I took a step back from the blog to gather my thoughts, I have to take the freelance work to… well, basically survive the year, and I am more than enough editing to keep me busy, and while I smell a plan brewing, that, is a post for another time.

I will end by saying, I am back and I have missed this.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Blog Jitters…

  1. Welcome back! I’m sorry the nano story fizzled, but even though you think it was crap don’t throw it away. Somewhere in those 30 odd thousand words there are ideas you may want to recycle in a different way in the future.

    Still on nano, I experienced something similar at about the 35K mark and I realised a couple of interesting things about how I tend to work. I always seem to start with characters. I can see them so clearly in my head and their personalities dictate the top level of the story. But then at some point I realise that. like real people, these characters live in a greater world which has its own motivations. That is when I start to actually think about /plot/. And that is when everything slows down, lol. I’m now only averaging about 1K words a day because I’m having to constantly stop and research things from that greater world.

    Anyway, if it makes you feel any better my nano story is probably no better than yours and will need a hell of a lot of work before it’s even close to publishable. But it has potential and so I’ll put it carefully away and let it marinate for a few months. 🙂

    Btw I’m curious : what kind of freelance writing do you do? Is it related to your profession?

    The reason I ask is because I need to start thinking about things like money too. 😀

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