November, December…. Holy Crap it’s Almost New Year!!

I cannot believe that it is almost December. Sinterklaas has arrived, and the kids are pumped about getting their gifts on December 5th. Where has the time gone? Anyway, that was not the point of this post, and so without further digression…

The end of the year is almost upon us, and while it is often a time for reflection, I will save that for the 31st. Instead, I would like to look ahead. Not too far mind you.

What are my plans for the rest of the year, and the start of 2013 (if we live past the 21st. I’m better we do just fine)…

Editing, that is sadly where my priorities lie these coming months. I have 4 completed works ready for edits. 3 short story collections and one novel. I am almost there with the first collection, just waiting back on some final beta comments, and then it is ready for submission.

I am mid-way through hard-copy edits on the second collection. It is tough going, because they are stories I wrote about two – two and a half years ago. So much has changed since then… I have changed so much since then. Needless to say, it is as though they were written by a stranger, and so edits are somewhat in-depth. Still, I love the stories, and am happy I can have the chance to improve them now.

The third collection I haven’t looked at yet, but anticipate a similar problem / opportunity for strengthening. The novel, I finished a month ago, and so will be a nicer (if that term can really be applied to editing) project, as it is fresher in my mind.

I realize I will not have all of this done by the new year. Realistically, I want to have the first collection submitted and the second with my beta readers, by new year. That is it for this year. I have a lot of freelance work on too which needs my attention daily.

Highway to Hell is due for release next month, and hopefully the second installment not too late into 2013. All things going well, I would love to have all my short stories and two novels published by the middle of the year, but that is as far into the future as I want to plan.

Besides, once all that editing is done, I can take a well earned weekend off, before starting to work on one of the 14 other projects I have ready to be written.

So what are your plans for the end of 2012?


6 thoughts on “November, December…. Holy Crap it’s Almost New Year!!

    1. Thanks Lane, it was designed the Robin Ludwig, who is extremely talented. A nap does sound good, but then I get worried I’m being left behind… another author (and mutual friend) Kimberly always makes me feel unproductive, and so sleep is postponed until I am caught up and ahead of the game.

      I plan to seek out some small press publishers too so that search should have been added to the list. I’m going to approach Cemetery Dance for my short story collections as according to their website they are looking for just that sort of stuff. Single author collections etc.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 always a pleasure talking to you

  1. Mmmm…. interesting question. I have a lot of ‘must do’ chores as well, although most are in the physical world at the moment [getting ready for fire season]. On the writing front I have to work out /how/ to publish the first book of Vokhtah. I’ll be publishing an ebook as well as a POD print version for those rare people who still feel more comfortable with paper. But I want to time that to all happen for my 60th birthday early in January. In the meantime, I have to start editing book 2 and looking at book 3. Oh and at some point next year I want to revisit my nano story to see if I still like it enough to invest any more time and effort into it.

    Gah, I guess we’re both going to be busy.

    1. It certainly sounds like we will be busy Meeks, but we like it that way… right?

      Happy (very) early birthday, mine isn’t until the middle of the year, but I am heading towards to big 30 at a scary rate. Then again, age is just a number, and I am delighted with every year I can add to the counter 🙂

      1. I love being busy, so long as it’s a certain kind of busy. Doing housework and all those other, necessary, day-to-day tasks bores me silly. And I can’t stand being bored!

        Make your 30th special Alex! And your 40th, 50th etc. These big birthdays mark milestones in our lives and should be remembered.

        I’ll be turning 60 in January and I want to always remember that 60 was the year I published my very first book, preferably on the day but I won’t be greedy. 🙂

  2. You should know by now Alex that a writer is always busy, especially one with 4 young children! It sounds like your projects are heading in the right direction though so all good. I have a few writing jobs to finish up in December, mainly proofreading and final edits, and then I plan to take a break and catch up on some reading. Ah!

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