Honesty is the Best Policy

Last week, just after my post about over description in modern writing, I got my ass handed to me on a plate by a reader and fellow writer.

I will leave him nameless for now, simply because I plan to kidnap him, and don’t want to give the game away just yet. Before you start to panic, I have no intention of hurting this man, but rather plan to keep him locked away just long enough for Stockholm Syndrome to kick in, at which point he will become my new best friend.

I am a writer, so of course my ego is fragile, my self-esteem balanced on a knife-edge that sees me bungee jumping from ecstasy to despair and back again on a daily basis. Yet, I appreciate honesty, and would rather be ripped apart – in a constructive way – every day than have ten people filling my head with unwarranted and unnecessary praise.

I think that sometimes, we get too caught up in the friendly environment that is the indie community and lose sight of the fact that a good ass whopping every now and then, when delivered in the right way, and through the correct medium, is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

The person in question did not launch into a tirade on my blog, nor did they pat me on the back and then bitch about me when I wasn’t looking. Both of which are approaches I have seen taken. No, this person read my post and took the time to write  a lengthy response including his  opinion on the theory I raised, as well as pointing out some of my errors within the post; grammar issues and the like. He then sent it to my via a Facebook email whereby a conversation developed, and I hope a friendship will too.

It was a personal approach and one that helped me immensely. My blog posts will never be perfect, because I do not have the time to make them such. I write what comes to my mind, off the cuff shall we say. I have a very small writing window, and what time I have is ultimately reserved for my fiction work. Therefore most posts get a spell check and cursory grammar sweep, but mistakes will seep through and while it is not ideal, I am come to accept it.  I have more room for poetic (language) license on the blog than in my fiction after all.

Thanks for reading.

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