Hot-Damn I Won an Award

I know that a great many people have a less than appreciative view on the blog awards that are rolling around the net. I am not one of these people. If someone took the time to read my blog and put me forward for an award, then I am over the moon with that. It means that mine stood out enough to be (normally one of a select few) that receive the award at that particular time.

It is therefore with a great sense of humility (and a little bit of internal singing and dancing) I thank my good friend John Mountain owner of one of my favorite blogs; Written in Blood, for he is the kind soul that nominated me for this award.

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

I am not someone who is comfortable in receiving praise, and so find myself oddly tongue-tied when it comes to this post. Under normal circumstances, most blog awards come with a specific set of rules that should be followed, some personal revelations and such, so in keeping with this, I guess I will reveal a few things about myself, and reveal my three nominees for this award.

  • I am (or rather was, and will be again) an avid golfer. I started playing in 1990 (when I was six) and only stopped when I left the UK. I plan to start again once the kids are older or when I can write full-time and not have to sit in an office all day.
  • I have four kids and yet would want more. I love the idea of adoption, and if I ever have enough money to be eligible, I would definitely adopt.
  • I hate odd numbers, everything has to be even. The volume on the tv, the radio in the car, I must have even numbers of things, like black and blue pens on my desk etc. The same with children, I couldn’t have one more, or adopt one child, I would need to take it to six. Something my wife is rather uncertain of.

Alright, alright I will stop with the madness, and while you wipe the blood from your eyes I will pass on this rather prestigious award to three bloggers I feel deserving of it. That is not to say there are only three, for I could name several more, however, three are the rules, and so three is shall be.

Meeka’s Mind – A wonderful and honest blog written by a lady who, despite being half way around the world, has become  close friend.

Writing is Hard Word – Roger Colby’s blog is always a great fun read and one I open the instant the email appears in my inbox.

Doing the Write Thing – Sonia G Medeiros got me hooked with her series on my all time favorite character in both books and tv, Dexter Morgan. Since then I have read everything she has written and a lot of the older posts too.

I hope that the nominees are happy with the award, however, should they choose not to post about it, I will not take offence. As I said at the start, blog awards are often viewed with mixed feelings, and I do not want to force anybody’s hand (unless it is to buy my books)



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