Let’s Look at the Numbers

I know it is a little early in the month to be doing any sort of review on things, but hey, the world is set to end in two days, and well, I wanted to get a post written for today but had a lack of any concrete ideas, and thought this would be a nice easy post.

This website is approaching two years of age. I started it in February 2011 which is frightening enough in itself. That first year, I ended with 5000 views, and I was delighted. I saw a steady increase each month in the number of visitors I received each day, the number of comments and social media shares, not to mention followers.

When 2012 began I had no idea what to expect, but hoped to better the 5000 of the debut year. I am now sitting on over 20,000 views for this year, a staggering increase if may say so myself.

Sure, these numbers are not groundbreaking, but they are very much a positive reflection of the work I do. I am delighted, and have already got plans in my head for how to increase traffic next year.

I am a big fan of the phrase ‘Aim big or go home’ and so I am setting myself the target of 100,000 views in 2013. It might be a long shot, but hey, I like a challenge. Besides, with my books coming out this year, it should give me an even larger platform to stand upon.


6 thoughts on “Let’s Look at the Numbers

  1. I wrote my first newsblog as a newsletter for the Imus on MSNBC program in 1996 – in fact, I believe it was the first newsblog ever. In three years, I had 18,000 subscribers to the newsletter not counting the hits on the website. “Not counting” because the control freaks at the MS part of MSNBC wouldn’t tell me how many hits I was getting. While on the subject of control freaks, I had to hire a freelance consultant to wander over to the online side and hang around until he learned how to program the pages and then come back and teach my staff how to do it.

    A very different world back then. . Congratulations on your success and hoping your books pull awesome sales when they emerge from their 3-year gestation.

  2. Congratulations Alex! That is brilliant. 😀 And thanks for reminding me that my first blog anniversary must be coming up soon. Or I may have passed it already. Meh.

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