Christmas Comes but Once a Year



Christmas time is upon us once again. I love this time of year, and even though it is fairly mild out, and it is raining instead of snowing, the fact that it is Christmas overpowers it all.

That being said, we are having a somewhat unconventional Christmas this year, as we have decided to decorate. We spent the last two evenings painting the living room walls, and while we will take a break for these two days and enjoy time with the family, we will be straight back to applying the finishing touches on Thursday. I was also busy laying some stones in the garden. I pulled up all the dead trees and plants back in the summer, but never had the time or the money to cover it with the stones. I got 250 kg down yesterday and will pick up the next 500 kg tomorrow and get that down also.

The main children’s time of year in Holland is December 5th, and so these two days are not as busy with Father Christmas as in other parts of the world, otherwise I would never have done any of this. The tree is up and lights have been hung, so the Christmas spirit is alive and well. In fact, as I write this, three of the kids are awake and so Christmas songs will be played.

Pictures of the finished house and garden will of course follow, but for now, I shall sign off by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. Have a great day with your friends and family… eat, drink and be merry one and all.



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